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Introduction to The Cat’s Eye

By Cat Gina Cole

Wow! I have to say it is an honor to be here, writing in The Green Egg Blog that I helped create. I never would have thought my journey would lead me here. As stated in my book, Psychic Skills for Magic and Witchcraft, my life changed when I met three people. It was a complete timeline jump and I did not even know it. Those people were Phaedra Bonewits, Katrina Rasbold and Oberon Zell. In September of 2019 Phaedra took me to my very first Pagan Pride Festival in Sacramento California. There I got to meet my Facebook friend, Katrina, in person for the first time, where the two of them spun cosmic webs and planned my life and said I was writing a book.

My shocked reply was, “I am? Continue reading Introduction to The Cat’s Eye