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The Cat’s Eye: Fake Rain and Useful Weeds

I live in Southern Oregon and we, like others, are dealing with three consecutive years of drought. When we bought our place five years ago, it was lush and green and things were so overcrowded that many plants had no space to grow and thrive. Thinking things needed to look neat, tidy, orderly, and cared for, I cleared much of it away. You clear away the unwanted and put in the wanted, tend to them, make them grow, and spend a lot of time, effort and money getting rid of weeds and creating growing spaces. Everyone else’s yards are that way and it is just how it is supposed to be done, right? Continue reading The Cat’s Eye: Fake Rain and Useful Weeds

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The Cat’s Eye – My Neurodivergent Response

By Cat Gina Cole

I want to share the following because there is a group of people that are very seldom recognized or understood, the neurodiverse, and we are greater in number than most might think. I want to put words to what it is like for many of the neuro-diverse to cope with the invisible battle by sharing a recent experience I had as I too am neurodiverse. I aim to let the diverse know I see you and give those who are not diverse a very small glimpse into what being neuro-diverse is like. Continue reading The Cat’s Eye – My Neurodivergent Response

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Pagan Voices Unite

by Cat Gina Cole

This week, the Pagan community was a blaze on Facebook. The Atlantic newspaper published an article written by Rabbi Wolpe that in some twisted way connected Pagans to Trump and Elon Musk that was truly gasp-worthy. The majority of Pagan folk railed against it saying it was trash and poorly written. Others felt it was a shot across the bow, that it was written with the intent to let us Pagans know “they” are coming for us. Certainly, the article was written to incite and divide and it did as others felt they could see past the shock value of it and sort of see his point, but they were in the minority. I, too, was in the majority in feeling it was trash and that our Pagan voices should be raised against it. Continue reading Pagan Voices Unite