Call for Submissions

Green Egg Magazine accepts submissions of original Pagan-related fiction, nonfiction, poetry, political perspective, art, photography, book/product reviews, and written music. Authors, artists, and composers who would like us to consider their work for publication should send their submission to:

The desired word count is relevant to the type of work contributed (poetry, for instance, may not have as many words as an essay).  Articles should be less than 2000 words. We look for work that is bold, enlightening, and emotionally charged.

We produce and publish Green Egg Magazine in digital form (PDF) four times a year, coordinated to the solstices and equinoxes. 

Our ambition for each issue is to showcase writers with knowledge, talent, and experience in any field of interest to Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, etc. We welcome columnists interested in joining our regular contributors who wish to submit content on various relevant subjects. Send ideas to the email address above for consideration as a resident columnist. 


  • We choose magazine content based on the theme of that issue and may delay publication of a submission if it fits in better with a future issue.
  • You may only submit material that you created/wrote in its entirety by yourself or have written permission to use.
  • You may not submit any images that you do not own yourself or have permission or license to use. Please carefully check any copyright permissions on images you submit if you did not create the image yourself.
  • Green Egg Magazine reserves the right to edit any submissions as needed for grammar and/or length. In editing, we do our best to preserve the integrity of the author’s message.
  • Green Egg Magazine may choose to divide/serialize lengthy submissions over multiple issues.
  • Green Egg Magazine may opt to publish your material in the quarterly Green Egg Magazine issue (PDF Format), in print form (not yet in use), or in the Green Egg Blog. 
  • Submission of material does not guarantee publication of that material.
  • Green Egg Magazine reserves the right to reprint submitted material in future issue.
  • Green Egg Magazine requests exclusivity rights to any submitted material for a period of 90 days after we first publish the submission (does not apply to reprinted material).
  • Green Egg Magazine does not provide financial or monetary compensation for submissions. Contributors whose work we use receive a free copy of the Green Egg Magazine issue in which their work is published. If you do not receive your complimentary copy of the issue in which you are published, please let us know by emailing us at
  • The cutoff date for submissions for any issue is the 1st of the month that the issue publishes (Mar 1, June 1, Sept 1, and Dec 1).
  • Due to the high volume of material we receive, Green Egg Magazine cannot publish every article submitted to us and must make hard choices for our content.
  • Contributors whose submission we accept for publication in the magazine itself receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which their submission is published and a teaser excerpt to share on social media (written articles only).

Sending Green Egg Magazine a submission implies agreement to the above guidelines.

In addition to emailing your submission to, you must also go to our Author Information & Permission to Publish page, read the submission guidelines as posted, and fill out the form. All correspondence with you from Green Egg occurs via the email address you provide.

Brahn th’ Blessed, Editor
Katrina Rasbold, Editor