The Green Egg hatches again!

Green Egg, the legendary journal of the Church of All Worlds, reappears Ostara 2020 for its Spring issue. With roots in the 1960s, a history of unifying the global Pagan community, and legions of fans everywhere, GE prepares to enter the new decade with renewed optimism, devotion, and determination to change the world. Be a part of a visionary movement for the 21st century and beyond.

Call for Submissions!

Green Egg Magazine is seeking works of original Pagan fiction, nonfiction, poetry, politics, art, photography, and music, or authors who wish to have a review written and featured in GE should send their work and requests (plus a short bio if desired) to

[email protected]

There are no limits on the style or content, and we loosely suggest word limits depending on the type of work being submitted. We’re looking for work that is bold, enlightening, and emotionally charged. We produce a digital version and publish four times a year.

We’re looking for writers with knowledge and experience in any issue that is of interest to Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, etc … We are also looking for columnists to join our regulars who wish to submit content on various subjects. Send ideas to the address above. If you would like to become a resident columnist, we’d love to have you.

Spring time, new life, birth, and all things related is always the theme in the Spring of the year, but we do not always adhere to the obvious theme. If it’s weighing on your heart, then there are others who will be interested in the subject matter. Please follow your heart! We publish four times a year and our deadline for the Summer Equinox issue, is 10 June 2020.

Alder MoonOak, PhD
Gainesville, Florida
Professor, College of Central Florida