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Inside the Issue: Spring 2024

By Katrina Rasbold

Issue number 185, Volume 56, Spring 2024 of Green Egg Magazine published on March 21, 2024 and is available for only $3.50 at this link. We also offer previous issues for purchase as well from the drop down menu listing.

What’s in this issue? Bursting at the seams with over fifty pages of quality material, you will find poetry, stories, history, commentary, and so much more! This article gives you a sneak peak inside the issue.

Table of Contents


“Magick is a natural part of existence; it operates through the spiraling and cycling dance of life and is therefore connected to Nature. Even if one’s occult leanings are more academic or ceremonial, a connection to the natural world is still forged in terms of relation to the planets and the cosmos.”   …Raven Digitalis in “Stop & Smell the Roses: Spiritually Bonding With Nature”

“Let the unity begin! Stir together in the cauldron some Wiccans, witches, and Pagans of all paths. Some are dancing around a bonfire. Others are sharing stories, spells, or maybe a few too many marshmallows. Our differences – all of our different, vibrantly colored threads – add beauty and vitality to the tapestry of this magic.” …Tatiara in “Weaving Unity: A Puff Piece.”

“In life, as in the garden, when we hold onto things too tightly and for too long, it interferes with our ability to manifest. I know it hurts, oh how it hurts, to pull out those roots. Not to mention, it’s very scary. Those plants, in their season, were big and healthy, and they produced such abundance! What if the new plants aren’t as productive? What if they don’t take hold and flourish? What if they don’t produce fruit?” …Willow Silverhawk in “Lessons From My Garden”

“There were growls in the undergrowth; hungry wolves do not hide their approach. I heard three of them. They were spiraling inward slowly, moving deosil. I could hear one to right fore, one to right rear, and one to left fore; I filled in the dots, about five or six of them. I listened to them; they were very hungry, poor things, and very set on feeding on our flesh. But neither I nor my dogs would feed them tonight.” …Brahn th’ Blessed in “A Tale of the Woods” (Brahn is the editor for Green Egg Magazine)

“From the forest floor, green eyes smiling at the activities of his friends and breathing deep the pure fresh spring like air, Jack leaned against the trunk of an old maple tree, torn between what he has and what he will have in just a short while. In a days’ time the vernal equinox would be upon him and he would join in sacred marriage with the young maiden, the Earth Mother. The warming thought and sun lulled him to sleep in the soft grass and wildflowers scattered about him.” …Loye Pourner in “Ostara Tale”

“Embrace the promise of warmth to come
The quickened life within
The Wheel now turns the sacred path
And heralds work begin”
Kimberly Roy in “Spring’s Promise”

“The key to harnessing the benefits of AI in art while mitigating its downsides lies in finding a balance. Artists and technologists must work together to ensure that AI serves as a tool for enhancing human creativity rather than replacing it. Establishing ethical guidelines and best practices for the use of AI in art can help preserve the integrity and authenticity of artistic creations.” …Rev. Judith Barnett in “The Pros and Cons of Using AI for Art” (Rev. Barnett is the publisher for Green Egg Magazine)

“As magical people, the ability to transform is imperative. If we cannot change our habits, behaviors, or our minds, we just can’t make magic. I’m sorry, we can’t. We get stuck in our habits and become stubborn, refusing to change our ways when we need to. We spend a lot of time fighting things we cannot affect and we waste all the energy we could use making magic in our own lives. None of us can afford to make ourselves into that kind of person.” …Lady Saoirse in “Rebirth or Rethinking Changes”

“We not only encounter Gods & Goddesses, we create them. We create them, and we forge their personalities. Our desire for understanding and the physiological requirements of our mind/body inevitably require that our deities possess personal and specific (finite) attributes and identities.” …Gary M Jaron in “Of the Mystics: The One, and The Many”

“The rites of Bacchus were called the Bacchanalia and were originally celebrated in mid-March by women. Men eventually joined in and the festivals were held as many as five times a month. At these events the sometimes-violent orgies, wine and debauchery got so bad that the Roman Senate had to ban them for a period of time.” ...Ellen Evert Hopman in “Bacchus, A God Who Is Reborn Each Spring”

Which article was your favorite in this issue?

Thank you to all of our contributors who shared their talent with us for this amazing issue. Each issue of Green Egg Magazine continues the legacy establied by Oberon Zell in 1968 and we at Green Egg are thrilled to bring you another installment in this continuing gift of love and magic.

Editor, Green Egg Magazine

Katrina Rasbold is a professional Witch, published author, priestess, and editor of Green Egg Magazine. She and her husband, Eric, are the creators of the CUSP spiritual path and owners of Crossroads Occult. She and Dahlia Rose host the popular livestreamed video broadcast “Crossroads of Cognizance” most Thursday afternoons. You can reach her through

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