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Skills For Peaceful Living

By Cat Gina Cole

This begins with an exercise.

The first thing I would like to do for you to notice how you are feeling. Notice your mood, are you comfortable in the chair, how do you feel about others around you if there are any. Now if you will, stand up and shake it off! Yep, just shake. Now I would like you to stand and introduce yourself to the person close to you and hug them. If you are alone Stand in front of mirror, introduce yourself to yourself and hug yourself.

Did your mood change? Did you notice a change in your body or feel less tension? This is how we begin to live a life of peace, by tearing down tension, anger, hostility and fear. Continue reading Skills For Peaceful Living

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Thrifty Witchery

By Katrina Rasbold

Since the word “Pagan” supposedly has its roots in the identification of “People of the Earth,” it is rare to find a Pagan who is especially affluent or materially blessed. It happens, but often, a concept inherently draws from the fundamental energy of its creation. This does not mean Pagans can never be financially secure or wealthy. On the contrary, as we actively work through the lessons of ego, attachment, and manifestation, it is possible to find our way into a time when we do not have to invest energy into the fiscal aspects of survival.  It does, however, mean that many of us spend a good bit of time in our adult life considering where we invest in the energy of money and I will confess there were times when I risked a utility shut off to get some cauldron or altar item I was dying to have. Continue reading Thrifty Witchery

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On Spiritual Bypassing

By Tatiara

I have to admit that when I was in my 20s, I was caught up in the “positive thinking” phenomenon. Channeling optimism helped me through so many trying times and I do advocate for it. However, there was a side-effect I did not expect and did not see coming: all of those “negative emotions” I had never allowed myself to feel came flooding back in a torrent, demanding to be acknowledged.

I was at the Pagan Spirit Gathering in the year 2000. I was 28 years old. It was the time of my Saturn return. A dark night of the soul was soon to be upon me. The energy at the festival was very intense and beautiful. Then, it began raining–mercilessly while we were in a camping out situation (I have since learned I prefer “glamping”). My friends and I traipsed through the rain to attend a meditation workshop. I do not remember if there was a particular theme, but we were all lying down and were going to be guided “in.”

Right there, in a tent full of meditating people, I started sobbing. Loudly and gutturally. I could not stop. My friends helped me back to our tent. I had a hard time walking. My body just wanted to collapse and cry. I did just that when I got back to the tent. It went on for hours. The sun was beginning to set when I remember coming back to myself. Strangely, the sun seemed to me to be setting in the East. My equilibrium was completely off. It is really indescribable. Continue reading On Spiritual Bypassing

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A Caveat of The Craft

By Rev. DeeDee Stinson, Priestess

It’s the Season of the Witch and it seems that folk still wanna practice the Craft without realizing it’s not just a fad, a silly way to pass time, or use to your advantage once or twice. I’m not gonna yuck someone’s yum but as a Witch of over two decades of experience and a recently Initiated First Degree Priestess, as well as an Initiate by my First Teacher and Initiator, … it’s my solemn Oath to speak logically and cautiously.

Why do I believe Witchcraft can be dangerous if not properly learned, practiced, and even taught? Two quotes: Continue reading A Caveat of The Craft

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Herbal Tea Spell for Success in Manifesting

By Tatiara

This tea is so flavorful, it almost tastes like punch. My favorite way to use it is as a booster for manifesting success in other spells that I may be doing, but I use it as a Success in Manifesting tea by itself, as well.

These measurements don’t have to be cut and dry (no pun intended) and as with all herb magic, there are plenty of substitutions available. I ran out of Hibiscus flowers once and used some wildberry hibiscus tea bags that I had. It was delicious and still appropriate.

Continue reading Herbal Tea Spell for Success in Manifesting

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From the Forum

The Green Egg Forum is a lively hotbed of thoughtful discourse, moderated by Cat Gina Cole. In this column, Cat shares some of the most interesting and interactive posts and threads from the forum. Want to get in on the conversation? We would love to have you! Go to: to join.

This week in the Green Egg Forum Group on Facebook, the point was raised that Christmas has Pagan roots. In that post, some historical facts came up to prove the point and the question was raised:

“Should we, as Witches and Pagans, stop telling people that Christmas was originally Pagan?”

Here are some of the comments that followed that question: Continue reading From the Forum

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What It Means To Be Human

By Cat Gina Cole

Every day social media asks the ultimate loaded question: “What is on your mind?”

Well, in the age of instantly knowing everything at once how can we not have too much on our minds? This highlights one of many dualities: how can we care about everything going on in the world and balance that with time for ourselves? I do not mean doing fun things with friends and family here. I mean us, personally. In this fast-paced world, taking time to feel, to grieve, to be happy, to cry, to enjoy a moment alone, time to let ourselves really feel everything we need to in order to properly think and process is not encouraged…that is until Covid. Continue reading What It Means To Be Human

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Empath Survival Guide

By Katrina Rasbold

There is a reason the label of “empath” gets thrown around a good bit. It is because there are a lot of empaths out there. We could go a few rounds of “You might be an empath if…” to identify who is and is not an empath and future blog post likely will cover that very subject. For now, I want to talk about what to do if you know you are empathic or if you deny that you are empathic and just happen to experience discomfort when you are exposed to excessive energies from the people around you. Continue reading Empath Survival Guide

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Dark Magic and The Shadows

By Cat Gina Cole

For many magical practitioners, winter is the dark time and full of shadows. Technically, we have only one winter, but it has occurred to me that according to our modern calendar, winter actually comes twice a year. For most, it begins in late October and continues through December, the end of our calendar year. Then in January, the start of a new year, most of us are deep into winter, which means the new year begins with winter and the year also ends with winter.

Fall brings the slow onset of winter with the falling leaves providing a place for winter to rest. Many areas get snow which can lift our spirits or provide an opportunity for families to play and laugh together. Snow’s blanket is cold, it is crisp, and it changes the way everything looks, smells, and sounds. Continue reading Dark Magic and The Shadows

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Introduction to The Cat’s Eye

By Cat Gina Cole

Wow! I have to say it is an honor to be here, writing in The Green Egg Blog that I helped create. I never would have thought my journey would lead me here. As stated in my book, Psychic Skills for Magic and Witchcraft, my life changed when I met three people. It was a complete timeline jump and I did not even know it. Those people were Phaedra Bonewits, Katrina Rasbold and Oberon Zell. In September of 2019 Phaedra took me to my very first Pagan Pride Festival in Sacramento California. There I got to meet my Facebook friend, Katrina, in person for the first time, where the two of them spun cosmic webs and planned my life and said I was writing a book.

My shocked reply was, “I am? Continue reading Introduction to The Cat’s Eye

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Who Are You?

This post was written and submitted by K.J. Wilson:

The title is a seemingly easy question, isn’t it? How did you answer I though? Most likely you answered with your name but is that who you are?

Who you are isn’t your name, where you live, what you do for a living, or any of the common answers that are usually given. Who you are is much deeper than that.

You have probably heard or seen that saying that asks, “Who were you before the world told you who you were supposed to be?” Who is that person? What is their life like? Continue reading Who Are You?

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Amazing Grace

By Katrina Rasbold

When I saw this internet meme, I literally laughed out loud with this wonderful, surprised, soul-smiling bark of a laugh. Let me tell you, I give amazing grace. I can grace like a pro in non-denominational, Christian, Heathen… I just read the room and flood that table with grace. I am grace fluent to the extreme. I will also finish before your food gets cold. It’s an art. 😉

Saying grace or as we called it when I was growing up in Kentucky “Returning the thanks” or “Saying the blessing,” is one of the traditions that sadly falls away for most people who leave the Christian Church. Personally, I am a fan of blessing the food that we eat regardless of whatever religious subscription dominates our spritual mailbox.

How do you bless the food you take into your body? How do you honor the people throughout the supply chain who helped get the food to you? How do you pay tribute to the plant or animal (or scientist) that sacrificed so you could eat? Continue reading Amazing Grace

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Green Egg Blog Info

Cat Gina Cole
Katrina Rasbold

Welcome to the Green Egg Blog! We are excited to bring you interesting, thought provoking, magical content in blog form and we look forward to you joining the conversation in the  comment section. Your blog curators and authors are Green Egg Staff members, Cat Gina Cole and Katrina Rasbold. We also share blog posts from other Green Egg staff members, guest authors, and content creators. The publisher of this website is Rev. Judith Barnett and we deeply appreciate her generosity in providing this space for us.

Blog Navigation: If you click on the words “Green Egg Blog” in the site’s main menu, you will get the entire blogroll. On a computer, if you hover over the words “Green Egg Blog,” you will see categories that organize the blog posts for easier reference. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work on a phone. We are just getting started and as more blog posts go up, the category list will grow.

Blog Rules: It’s simple. Be kind and respectful to one another in your comments. We will delete hateful, combative, or discriminatory comments.

Submissions: We welcome articles, poetry, artwork, videos, or other content for consideration for posting to this blog. We reserve the right to edit any submission for content while preserving the integrity of the piece.

To send a submission for consideration, email either of the curators:

Cat Gina Cole: [email protected]  or Katrina Rasbold: [email protected]


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Do You Know OZ?

If you are new to Green Egg Magazine, you might be wondering why this guy, Oberon Zell, is such a big deal. Now, in the day of finding a Pagan leader and all around wise person on every corner, it might be challenging to remember that at one time, all this “old” stuff was very new. For many of you, Paganism was always an unhindered spiritual option. Although many or even most of us enjoy that freedom today, it was certainly not always the case. The reason we have that degree of freedom stems from the pioneers who brought Paganism openly and fearlessly into the spiritual conversation. OZ was and is one of those voices. OZ is not only “a” Pagan. OZ is “the” Pagan. Here are some of his accomplishments: Continue reading Do You Know OZ?

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Pagan Voices

By Katrina Rasbold

Hello Green Egg Family! I started reading Green Egg in the 1980s when the Pagan climate and experience was somewhat different than it is now. We were not then as connected with other Pagans without the internet to draw us together. We had a limited number of resources available to us and only a handful of voices in the wilderness guiding us through the experiences. Not all of us were fortunate enough to be born into hereditary Pagan families and our only recourse was to follow the breadcrumb trails left by the people we now consider to be pioneers of Neopaganism. 

There are amazing teachers out there now and we have greater access to them than we ever could have imagined four decades ago. People like Christopher Penczak, Thorn Mooney, John Beckett, Jon Drum, Judika Illes, and so many more continue the process of developing the various Pagan religions and providing guidance to the twenty-first century Pagan community. These contemporary leaders follow a trail blazed by the ground-breaking teachers of our past.  Continue reading Pagan Voices

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Welcome to the Green Egg Blog

Welcome to the current iteration of the Green Egg Blog! On behalf of the Green Egg Staff, I am honored to welcome you to this developing conversation about Gaia, Paganism, and all things mystical, organic, uniquely sacred, and above all, marvelously human.  What truly is more magical than all of us being here, sharing this human experience in such a magical way?

In some way or another, we all came here because of the vision, dreams, and actions of one couple: Oberon and Morning Glory Zell. Their sacred calling to christen Green Egg in 1968 as an expression of their journey through the liminal passages of life continues today. We are all blessed to be a part of it and to continue their tradition of creating and celebrating Gaia’s tribe of loving souls, sharing the worlds and realms, as well as this miraculous journey through life together.

With love and genuine friendship, we offer you the quarterly ezine of Green Egg Magazine and now, to fill in the gaps, we launch the Green Egg Blog, where many of your favorite Green Egg writers come to nest and share their thoughts.

Pause for a moment and let your inner vision take over. Imagine that you are around a campfire with all of us, sharing stories and thoughts, dreaming dreams, laughing, and ruminating.

If campfire isn’t your jam, see us gathered around a large kitchen table with your favorite snacks in abundance, cups of tea or hot cider, shots of whiskey, or whatever your ideal imbibement might be.

Look around and greet your loved ones, your family, your tribe, and know that you are not alone on this path. On December 21, 2023, the Winter issue of Green Egg Magazine publishes and its theme is “Hearth & Home.” Who is around your hearth? Who lives in your spiritual home? Is it birth family? Chosen family? Pets? Spirit guides?

We do hope you will join our tribe that gathers around this blog to share Pagany discourse in love, respect, and a sincere desire for learning evermore about the magic that Gaia brings to our lives.

(on behalf of OZ, Mama Maureen, Brahn th’ Blessed, Cat, and Isha as well)