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Stone Magic: Lava

By Katrina Rasbold

When we think of magical stones, lava might be the last thing on your mind. This refers not to the flowing lava from a volcano but the extrusive igneous rock that forms after magma cools and solidifies.

Lava stone

Lava represents the perfect alliance of all four elements: in its magma form, made from earth and fire, it flows like water surrounded by smoke that emerges from the crater along with it.

Although it is technically a rock, lava is born from fire and conveys intense energy and stamina. Fire purifies, so lava detoxifies and clears away negative energy.

Despite its fire association, Lava is still a stone conceived in the belly of the Mother Earth, which promotes powerful healing and calming properties.

One type of Hawaiian lava is called “A’a,” which is a tongue-in-cheek joke for the sound you make when you walk barefoot across it “Ah! Ah!”

The four elements’ energy make lava a powerful piece to add to your altar arrangement, especially if space for elemental representation is limited.

Lava is a strong household guardian and including it in any rock or flower gardens around your home surrounds it with protective energy.

The protective qualities of lava work on all levels from physical to psychic protection. Nobody screws with a volcano and that kind of power radiates from its solid lava form.

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