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Gaia: Saving Her, Saving Ourselves by Irisanya Moon

Book Review By Katrina Rasbold

Working as I do for Green Egg Magazine, founded by the King of Gaia theology, Oberon Zell, the subject of earth consciousness and stewardship understandably becomes an important focus. Irisanya Moon encapsulates this mindset perfectly in this beautiful homage to Mother Earth. As she puts it (paraphrased), Earth is our home, where our birth, life, and death all are contained.

On one hand, the author puts forth an educated and academic exploration of the history and practice of Gaia worship, but she will then turn on a dime and provide exercises, mythologies, and prose that are a delight for more experiential and creative readers. This provides a delicious balance of left-brained, right-brained stimulation that leaves the reader feeling fulfilled on all levels.

In addition to a balanced exploration of the modern expressions of Gaia worship, the author also discusses practical considerations for living in a modern society that is, at best, collectively dismissive of such ideas and at worst, outwardly and overtly hostile to them.

This is a quick read and will take up very little of your time to deliver a markedly disproportionately huge and impacting message about the condition of the relationship between human beings and Gaia. Just reading the ending prayer is worth far more than the price of admission.

Gaia: Saving Her, Saving Ourselves is available from Moon Books at

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