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Witch At The Crossroads: Reading for 2024

By Katrina Rasbold

I do not usually do these types of readings because when we ask the cards a question, they respond based on the current energetic climate and where things are heading. To predict out for a full year means nothing changes from the moment of the reading, which is, of course, not a reasonable assumption on which to base a forecast. Even the reading itself is potential for change.

That being the case, I am doing this for Karen. I have three Karens in my life who I completely adore. I know other Karens, but man… these three… they just have my heart: Karen Albeck, Karen Jacoby, and Karen Stanley. One of the Karens asked me to do a 2024 reading and out of love and respect, I am doing it. <3

Based on the information we have at this time and where the tide is currently taking us, here is a focus reading for 2024, all of which is subject to change.

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We start in the top middle, then work downwards one row at a time, then around the corners starting in the lower left. After we read the entire top grouping of Tarot cards, we go to the lower row of Lenormand cards and read a special message from the Divine.

Our top card is the Page of Pentacles. We know him as the student card and while he does bring messages with him, primarily he encourages us to learn or lessons and to remain open not only to recurring lessons of the past, but to remain ever vigilant for opportunities to refine our wisdom even further. What do we know? And what do we not know what we aren’t aware we don’t know? We must not galvanize our minds to believe that we are the sole harbingers of truth. We must remain adaptable and teachable.

Row 2 – The Fool and The Sun. Take joy in simplicity and in freedom. Pay close attention to what is reasonably within your power to change and what is not. Cast aside unnecessary burdens and do not allow yourself to shoulder the pain and crises of the entire world. We are not wired to process only pain and suffering, fear and anxiety. Take time to feel the Sun on your face and to find what in your life engenders gratitude. Take chances because if you risk nothing, you get nothing or even less than nothing.

Row 3 – Page of Cups, The Moon, and 10 of Swords. The Moon is the center or “heart” of the Tarot portion of the spread, so its message permeates all of the other cards that surround it. The Moon reminds you that not everything is as it appears to be. Our ephemeral Moon slips through its phases quietly, silently, but as it does the tides throughout the entirety of Earth’s waters change. Water itself is ethereal, malleable, and relates to intuition, the unknown, and the intuitive nature. The Moon causes the pile of laundry on the chair in our room to look like a lurking monster and casts a supernatural glow over everything it touches.

In this case, the Moon tells us not to give into despair or even elation in the coming year because life will shift and change. We should move deeply into our intuitive natures and understand that this is not an academic, analytic year. It is a year of doing what feels right rather than what makes sense on paper.

The Page of Cups holds a cup with a fish coming out of it and certainly we do not usually expect to see a fish in our cup of wine or water. This card speaks to the unexpected, such as finding unexpected solutions in unexpected places. Pay attention to the unconventional thoughts this year; those that occur “outside the box.” Think abstractly and entertain different mindsets. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” When we pair this with the centralizing influence of the Moon card next to it, it tells us to follow our intuition, even if it leads us somewhere unexpected.

The 10 of Swords, as we can clearly see, is a card of pain and defeat. It also denotes betrayal since the figure is wounded because he is stabbed in the back. In the distance behind him, is the sun rising or setting? The card reminds us that even when we are defeated and in pain, the sun rises and sets and life goes on and a new morning comes. Paired with the Moon card, it indicates that when we feel defeated “not all is as it appears.” This is a message of “wait for it… wait for it…” In 2024, when you feel your lowest, try to imagine “water over rocks” as your visual for the moment. Let the experience flow over you and move away from you because this is not the full story and more will soon unfold.

Row 4 – Judgement and Knight of Wands. There will be a reckoning of sorts that occurs. This could be personally or globally or both. The Judgement card is about balance and accountability. It rises above the concept of man’s judgement (that is the Justice card), although certainly legal accountability may be denoted with this card. Judgement goes beyond this idea and into God’s judgement, divine recompense, and karma. Often, you get a front row seat to watch the unfolding of this adjustment.

The Knights are level change cards and show us when a situation “levels up” or moves to the next phase. Wands are about energy, so look for an energetic shift that takes us above where we are now as a result of the effects of the Judgement card.

Row 5 – 6 of Pentacles. This is not only a card of “having enough,” but it also cautions discernment. You will notice that the man who is doling out coins takes careful measure of what he gives and is discerning about who receives his gifts. One receives, the other does not. He is dressed well and does not hesitate to share his wealth with those who he deems worthy. This does not speak only to money, but to all resources. The card cautions us to take care that we do not give more than we can afford to share, no matter how much we may want to provide to others.

Moving around the corners, beginning at the lower left:

Lower left: The Star – Again, there is attention to balance with one foot in the water and one on dry land, pouring water onto the land and back into the pool at the same time in the same amounts. The land represents what is firm and tangible, what sustains us physically, while the water is what feeds our spirit. Give to both equally, but the Star above is our primary guide. Create a goal for the year and stick to it, remaining mindful that you must feed body and spirit toward the fulfillment of that goal.

Upper left: The Emperor – This requires discipline and careful life rulership. Be firm and do not waver. Being firm does not necessarily mean being unkind. We can defend boundaries and police our own behavior without being cruel about it. Take ownership and sovereignty over your own actions and outcomes. The buck stops here at the Emperor. You are responsible, for good or ill, for what happens in your life this year.

Upper right: Knight of Cups – Again, the Knights are about level changes and cups govern emotions and intuition. The indication is that of an advancement forward in both emotions and intuitive abilities. You intuit things differently, feel things differently, and develop a stronger command and accountability for both.

Lower right: Page of Swords – This little guy brings messages that quickly change things, so the meaning of this card is to be fluid and flexible, ready to accommodate changes that come because ultimately, the will work out in your favor if you do not resist. If you fight against the changes, you will waste your time and your energy because you will end up in the same place regardless. Again, “water over rocks.” Let experiences flow around you and adapt to the new circumstances quickly. This will help you to better land on your feet. The creature that adapts is the creature that survives.

Now we move on to the last row, which is a Divine Message:

Book with Scythe: Again, this is a reminder to disregard what makes sense on paper and from an academic or intellectual perspective and to go with what intuitively feels right.

Mountain and Anchor: There is a block or obstacle to security and stability at this time. This is not a time to hold on fast to the known and familiar, but instead a time to allow ourselves to be swept away into new waters.

The Heart and the Fox: Beware of people who try to appeal to you emotionally for their own gain. Those who know you are a soft touch may use that kindness against you. While this is a coping skill they developed for their own survival, if YOU are to survive, it is not one you should entertain. Remember the lesson of the 6 of Pentacles above and exercise extreme discernment in deciding who to assist and who to bless and release. You are not defined by a compulsion to heal, comfort, or support the entire world. You can be of much better service to those who you are intended to support if you do not spread your resources over the many who you are not intended to support. This does not mean to be unkind, greedy, or to lack generosity. It means your resources are limited and to care for those to whom you actually are obligated, you must make tough choices.

I hope this reading was meaningful to you. I do not apply this reading to any political or social experiences and none should be presumed. This is a general reading asking the Powers That Be where our focus as humans should be for 2024.

Katrina Rasbold is a professional Witch, published author, priestess, and editor of Green Egg Magazine. She and her husband, Eric, are the creators of the CUSP spiritual path and owners of Crossroads Occult. She and Dahlia Rose host the popular livestreamed video broadcast “Crossroads of Cognizance” most Thursday afternoons. If you wish to order an emailed reading for yourself from Katrina, you may do so here:
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