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Amazing Grace

By Katrina Rasbold

When I saw this internet meme, I literally laughed out loud with this wonderful, surprised, soul-smiling bark of a laugh. Let me tell you, I give amazing grace. I can grace like a pro in non-denominational, Christian, Heathen… I just read the room and flood that table with grace. I am grace fluent to the extreme. I will also finish before your food gets cold. It’s an art. 😉

Saying grace or as we called it when I was growing up in Kentucky “Returning the thanks” or “Saying the blessing,” is one of the traditions that sadly falls away for most people who leave the Christian Church. Personally, I am a fan of blessing the food that we eat regardless of whatever religious subscription dominates our spritual mailbox.

How do you bless the food you take into your body? How do you honor the people throughout the supply chain who helped get the food to you? How do you pay tribute to the plant or animal (or scientist) that sacrificed so you could eat? Continue reading Amazing Grace

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Pagan Voices

By Katrina Rasbold

Hello Green Egg Family! I started reading Green Egg in the 1980s when the Pagan climate and experience was somewhat different than it is now. We were not then as connected with other Pagans without the internet to draw us together. We had a limited number of resources available to us and only a handful of voices in the wilderness guiding us through the experiences. Not all of us were fortunate enough to be born into hereditary Pagan families and our only recourse was to follow the breadcrumb trails left by the people we now consider to be pioneers of Neopaganism. 

There are amazing teachers out there now and we have greater access to them than we ever could have imagined four decades ago. People like Christopher Penczak, Thorn Mooney, John Beckett, Jon Drum, Judika Illes, and so many more continue the process of developing the various Pagan religions and providing guidance to the twenty-first century Pagan community. These contemporary leaders follow a trail blazed by the ground-breaking teachers of our past.  Continue reading Pagan Voices

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Welcome to the Green Egg Blog

Welcome to the current iteration of the Green Egg Blog! On behalf of the Green Egg Staff, I am honored to welcome you to this developing conversation about Gaia, Paganism, and all things mystical, organic, uniquely sacred, and above all, marvelously human.  What truly is more magical than all of us being here, sharing this human experience in such a magical way?

In some way or another, we all came here because of the vision, dreams, and actions of one couple: Oberon and Morning Glory Zell. Their sacred calling to christen Green Egg in 1968 as an expression of their journey through the liminal passages of life continues today. We are all blessed to be a part of it and to continue their tradition of creating and celebrating Gaia’s tribe of loving souls, sharing the worlds and realms, as well as this miraculous journey through life together.

With love and genuine friendship, we offer you the quarterly ezine of Green Egg Magazine and now, to fill in the gaps, we launch the Green Egg Blog, where many of your favorite Green Egg writers come to nest and share their thoughts.

Pause for a moment and let your inner vision take over. Imagine that you are around a campfire with all of us, sharing stories and thoughts, dreaming dreams, laughing, and ruminating.

If campfire isn’t your jam, see us gathered around a large kitchen table with your favorite snacks in abundance, cups of tea or hot cider, shots of whiskey, or whatever your ideal imbibement might be.

Look around and greet your loved ones, your family, your tribe, and know that you are not alone on this path. On December 21, 2023, the Winter issue of Green Egg Magazine publishes and its theme is “Hearth & Home.” Who is around your hearth? Who lives in your spiritual home? Is it birth family? Chosen family? Pets? Spirit guides?

We do hope you will join our tribe that gathers around this blog to share Pagany discourse in love, respect, and a sincere desire for learning evermore about the magic that Gaia brings to our lives.

(on behalf of OZ, Mama Maureen, Brahn th’ Blessed, Cat, and Isha as well)