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Publishing March 21, 2024

Sneak Peak:

Stop & Smell the Roses: Spiritually Bonding with Nature by Raven Digitalis

Lessons From My Garden by Willow Silverhawk

Definiing Pagans by Parama Devi

A Tale of the Woods by Brahn th’ Blessed

Thank Goddess for Pagans by Palani Sivasiva

Of Mystics, the One and the Many by Gary M. Jaron

A Pagan Seasonal and Lunar Calendar for Spring

Ostara Tale by Loye Pourner

The Pros and Cons of Using AI for Art by Rev. Judith Barnett

Rebirth or Rethinking Change? by Lady Saoirse

OstaraL What Are You Planting? by Katrina Rasbold

Bacchus: A God Who Is Reborn Each Spring by Ellen Evert Hopman

Tons of Ostara poetry!

Book reviews!

And so much more!! Fifty-eight pages of wonderfulness!

To order, go to on March 21st!

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