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The Essynian Mysteries – Chapter 2

Conveyed by Brahn th Blessed

Part Two.  Primordial Existence is the initial condition of reality, the primal ground existing in a time before times and a place beyond places.  It has neither substance nor form, no identity and no qualities by which it may be described except to say that it is possessed of a reservoir of boundless potential; after all, everything that ever has existed or ever will have existed in this universe or any other universe that ever may exist, Everything!, must arise from that source that is hidden beyond the  pitiful measures of space anid time.  It must be understood as a fundamental principle of reality, vast in its potential but absent of all appearance.  Mystics describe it properly and necessarily as An Absolute One Without Other (Unum Sine Altera) and speak of its ineffability.  In speaking of the two existences, Lao Tzu said “The Tao that can be told is not the Eternal Tao; that is the Mother of the Ten Thousand Things.  The Eternal Tao cannot be told.”  It cannot be told because it has no discernible qualities; it is not big or small, neither round nor square, it has neither insides nor outsides, it is neither this nor that.  Although there is nothing that it is not, it is without the appearance of anything.  It requires such mystical language of anyone who would speak of it.

Because of its mystical quality, I have given this Primordial Existence the name, Spirit.  I could as well have called it God, but then I would have no place to store all its baggage.  I have in fact contrived a mantra or chant regarding this pantheistic understanding of God as Existence (sung in Am key):

All that is is God.                          (a-c-b-g-a3)

God is all that is.                           (a-c-b-g-a3)

Nothing is that is not God; what   (a-c-b-g-a-c-b-g)

Is not God is not.                           (a-c-b-g-a3)

The existential conundrum of Spirit (Existence) is that it embodies a boundless reservoir of potential, but is unable to realize that potential because it is outside of time and change.  If there were no solution to this paradox, existence would be impossible; but there is indubitable proof of existence in our experience, so existence must be possible.  Spirit (Existence) is only one aspect of a dual-aspect being; it is the static (sleeping) aspect of being while something other is the active (waking) aspect of being.  These are the two existences to which Lao Tzu alludes in the Tao de Ching.  Spirit (Existence) is the name of potential existence that is not manifest, not visible to the senses or the mind.  But the other aspect of being, the active (awakened) aspect, is called Maya, Consciousness.

When Existence awakens from its static/dormant state it becomes active Consciousness.  While Spirit remains in the Spiritual Plane of reality that is absent space and time, mind or matter; Maya’s awakening is the first change that creates a new plane of reality, ruled by Time and Consciousness—this is the Astral Plane of our inner being.  Maya (Consciousness) possesses two fundamental attributes:  (1) it is the exclusive seat of all experience; whenever experience occurs, there is consciousness, there is Maya, and (2) it is the source of all action, ALL action and all the changes consequent of that action arise exclusively from consciousness, from Maya.  Therefore, Maya is the mother of time and change.  Time is the product of change; where there is no change, there is no time.  Maya, as the active principle of being, it is constant change, constant fluctuation, while Spirit, as the static principle of being, remains immutable, beyond change and time.  It is important to understand these two existences, these two complementary principles of being.  Before ever a single universe may begin to exist, both of these things absolutely must exist, Spirit in its eternal and immutable Spiritual Plane beyond all change and multiplicity, and Maya in its Astral Plane where time is born consequent to the actions and experiences of consciousness.  Materialists cannot grasp either Spirit or Maya because these planes of being are beyond the physical universe of matter and energy and space-time.  If you cannot understand these concepts, you are not ready to receive the Essynian Mysteries, and nothing I can say will change that.

Like every coin has two sides, so are there two aspects to being, and these two aspects of being represent a trinity rather than a simple duality.  The unitary root of this trinity is Spirit, the coin itself, the static substance of all being.  The duality of the trinity is Maya, the two faces of the coin, the active principle by which potential being is realized as manifest being.  The trinity is the One that is Spirit (existence) and the two that are Maya (consciousness as experience and action)–one plus two is three.  This will not be the only such trinity that the Essynian Mysteries will reveal, but it is the most fundamental and important one.

As conscious beings, you and I reader should easily see the presence of consciousness (Maya) in our lives.  All that identifies us, all our knowledge about our inner selves and the outer world in which we exist comes exclusively through experience.  The same is true not only of us human beings but of all life in the universe and as well of all matter in the universe.  In fact, that which is not a conscious being cannot experience or act and therefore is not real; its physical appearance and behaviour are necessarily imaginary and contingent upon the conscious mind of that which perceives it.  If a boulder has no consciousness, it does not experience light shining onto its surface and warming it, it does not experience gravity holding it fast to the Earth or the rotational forces trying to counter that gravity, its mineral constituents, the molecular substance that give it structure would dissolve away for lack of electrical charge creating the molecular valence, and even its atoms would dissolve in the absence of experiencing and reacting to the strong nuclear interaction that binds atomic nuclei and quarks.

You may not think of such physical processes as requiring consciousness, because that is not what you were taught in high school by the sanctimonious teachers who passed on their wisdom to you, but their wisdom was inherited from others who taught them.  Wisdom that is inherited by word-of-mouth teaching can only derive from a past that becomes ever more antiquated and ever more misinformed.  Once upon a time, doctors were taught how to remove harmful vapors and menacing spirits to restore health; they were wise men by the standards of their society in 648 CE.  Many scientists believe that the apple does not have to experience gravity to fall from the tree because they think it is the gravity that moves the apple, to which force the apple is entirely unaware; but you see, it is the apple that has the mass—if it had no mass, gravity would not attract it.  Surely it is the apple then that feels the tug of gravity and the strength of the stem that secures it safely to the tree.  It feels the stem weaken over time and strong storms.  Then a snap in a gentle breeze, and the Earth claims her long-desired prize.

Something invisible to the observer, this mass, is what makes the apple experience the tug of gravity.  Something invisible to the observer, this force of nature called gravity, conveys that experience as an action from one object to another, from one manifest being to the conscsious mind of another.  It requires no intellect for the apple to choose its reaction to gravity.  It is only natural process, as science has shown us.  But neither the apple nor you choose your reaction to gravity.  However, since you feel that gravitational force, why would you doubt that the apple also somehow feels (experiences) that tug of gravity distinguishing its up from its down?

Invisible things play such a role in our existence.  It’s foolish to doubt them.  Energy is invisible.  Look at light; although it illuminates everything in our universe, light itself is invisible, you don’t see it in the air, but only on the objects it illuminates.  Light is only energy, electro-magnetic (EM) energy, one of the four forces of nature.  Those four forces of nature are the fundamental building blocks of the universe, and they exist only as energy.  All energy is also invisible.  Einstein’s equation is interesting here.  Energy (which is invisible) is equal, he says, to Mass (which is also invisible) times the Square of the Velocity of Light—E = MC2.  I will add that gravity is the attraction between two massive objects, and weight is the measure of attraction of a massive object in a gravity well, as we all are.  Our relative weights are an indicator of our relative masses.  Nonetheless, we do not see mass, although science measures it.  We only see the substance of our beautiful human bodies illuminated by invisible light.  You see, while light and gravity and the nuclear forces are all invisible, scientist measure them by their effect on visible objects.  How much is a room illuminated?  How many gravities of acceleration can an astronaut endure?  How much energy/force is required to bind three quarks into a proton?  These effects measure the invisible forces and energies that create our visible and substantial universe.

These forces, you must see, are the fundamental actors in the universe; they are the four hands of Maya at work building the universe, patiently, step by step across the uncounted ages of time since the Big Bang event.  They are associated with the four Elemental Energies.  Gravity is the force associated with Earth in the northern Quadrant where the circumpolar stars circle widdershins around a still point in the sky, near Polaris, the Northern Star.  The Electro-Magnetic force is associated with Air in the southern Quadrant where the circumpolar stars rotate deosil around a still point in the sky.  The Strong Nuclear Force is associated with Fire in the eastern Quadrant where the Sun & Moon, and stars & planets rise up from the Earth into the Sky, like the flames and smoke of a fire.  The Weak Nucleaar Force is associated with Water in the western Quadrant of the Sky where the Sun & Moon, the stars and planets all return to the Earth from the Sky, falling like drops of rain onto the Earth.

In my free form writing, I let my pen take me where it will.  Tonight I have skipped much that I will return to.  Remember that existence is sleeping consciousness and consciousness is awakened existence—this is familiar in that we are absent of consciousness when we sleep a deep and dreamless sleep, a sleep outside of time and memory.  My next part will cover the Two Realms of Being in which we all exist, the Inner Hidden Realm of Mind & Time and the Outer Shared Realm of the Seven Worlds.  All Blessings to you steadfast soldiers who have read two parts of the Mysteries and await the Third Part.

The writer was born with moonlight in his heart and is dedicated to her service. He is a pantheistic neoPagan mystic, the coordinator of Crows Nest, the Global CAW Cybernest, and an editor of Green Egg Magazine–by which magazine he was first introduced into the neoPagan community in 1972. He is also an Elder of the Essynian Witchcraft Tradition that he founded in 2021, and he is also the Most High Swami-Pajami at the Nashville Temple of Eris Discordiana & Towing Service…If You Need a Tow, Come Rain or Come Snow, We’re on the Go, And We Won’t be Slow!

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