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The Essynian Mysteries – Part Four

Conveyed by Brahn th Blessed

Some things follow upon others. When you consider a proposition thoroughly, it leads to further conclusions, so some things follow upon others. The Essynian Mysteries express a pervasive view of reality, that it follows a course of Natural Process. Natural process is how and why everything occurs in time, from the first instant of time when consciousness awakens from deep-sleeping existence and gives birth to time until the final instant of time when consciousness closes its eyes and falls off again into the timeless sleep of existence. Time is change and all change follows the course of natural process. Each instant of time is brought about by a change from the previous instant of time, and the change that occurs is the change made most inevitable by the existing conditions of that previous instant; the change that occurs is the change that must occur owing to those conditions, which include a certain temporal momentum.

Some change is conceivable, other change is not just conceivable but possible. Some possible change becomes probable given the conditions of an instant of time, but more than one change may be probable; however, only one change, one inevitable change, may occur in any instant to bring about the single subsequent instant in the ongoing evolution of time.

If time were truly dimensional, as humans often imagine, then one instant of time might generate two or more distinct changes leading time to divide into multiple realities based upon alternate paths from a single instant or event. This very proposal is set forth in Wheeler’s “Many Worlds” theory of infinite parallel worlds following infinite timelines.

But all such timelines are imaginary, primarily because time is not dimensional in that manner; it is a single, ever-changing point that is extended only through relativistic space-time. Each dimensional volume of space has a single Now, a single present in which all its interactions and experiences, actions and changes occur; unlike space (and space-time), time is not a continuum of equally existent volumes or moments. It is a single, ever-lasting and ever-changing instant in which the past is only memory and the future is only probability. Time is a point and not a line. Natural process is how that point evolves and grows and ages from each instant to the next. Natural process is how consciousness became conscious mind, and conscious mind became a burst of immense energy that became a space-time universe.

The material plane is not just the space-time universe and the world we see around us; it’s more, much more, and it’s important that we know it and keep it in mind. I call the material plane the shared Realm of the Seven Worlds because humans share this plane with conscious beings from seven very different realities although all seven of these worlds exist within our physical bodies. Our science explores these worlds but most of us live our lives as if these were creatures from a fairy tale; we seem to live in denial of the true and full nature of our own physical existence—much less our spiritual one.
So let’s start this story from the preface once again, in order to maintain our connections to the whole of things. Existence. Primordial Existence. Spirit. The initial condition of all reality from which awakens… Consciousness. Maya. The active aspect of Spirit and the source of all Manifest Existence, the existence of particular beings. Maya becomes conscious mind in the astral plane of time. And so we end the preface and prepare to begin chapter one, “The First World of the Material Plane”.

The First World is the Cosmic World. This is the world of pure elemental energy, the energy of the Big Bang that created the cosmic space-time framework of the universe, the pure elemental energy in which the cosmic mind is physically incarnated, the quantum energy-body of the universe. The interactive bond between mind and energy. The energy density of the newborn universe in the first instant of creation was equal to over a hundred billion suns per cubic centimeter. Now, some 13.8 billion years later, that immense heat and pressure has dissipated to the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation of about three degrees above absolute zero (3º Kelvin), but the expanse of space has increased by an equivalent volume to immeasurable distances. Recent computer modeling of quantum physical theory demonstrates that every cubic centimeter of what we consider to be the pure vacuum of deep space is roiling with virtual particle pairs that appear for the briefest microseconds before annihilating each other and returning their ambient energies to the cosmic medium. The universe is an ocean of energies, experiencing energetic interactions in a world of energies alien to us although our own bodies are home to such energies and their interactions, about which we yet no very little indeed. Yet, this most fundamental of the material worlds is the world that connects the material plane to its progenitor reality in the astral plane. The Mysteries teach that “Mind is Energy viewed from within, and Energy is Mind viewed from without”, but modern physics textbooks define energy only as the ability to do work.

The Second World is the Quantum World. The most fundamental particles must be indivisible particles, compounds of no smaller or more fundamental particles, but comprised instead of knots of pure energy. Our best understanding to date is called the “Standard Model of Elementary Particles”, comprised of six Quarks, six Leptons, and five force-carrying Bosons. These are thought to be fundamental particles with no constituent elements. They are defined by three properties: predominantly by variance in their mass, their charge (either zero, minus one, plus two, or minus three), and their spin (quarks & leptons all have half-spin, gauge bosons have spin-1, and the scalar Higgs boson has spin-0). Quantum particles are often short-lived, existing for less than a microsecond before their dissolution, but they are equally prolific. The beings of the quantum world make humans look like still life; they are in a state of constant flux.

The Third World is the Elemental World. This world could not begin in earnest until the universe expanded and cooled enough for decoupling to occur, freeing bonded photons from ions, clearing the universe and allowing nucleo-genesis to occur—the bonding of electrons to atomic nucleii to form the first whole atoms. Coincident to the origins of this world was the formation of the first (huge) stars in the first galaxies. As we all should know from high school science classes, stars are the great cosmic alchemists who make all the elements in their nuclear cores and their supernovae deaths. The Age of the Stars began around 380,000 years after the Big Bang, and the first massive stars enriched the galactic medium with heavy elements and organic elements like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, sodium, potassium, etc. These progenitors made possible the next age, the Age of the Planets.

The Fourth World is the Molecular World. This world is the child of the Elemental World, the grandchild of the Quantum World, and the great grandchild of the Cosmic World. None of these worlds can arrive outside of its order of precedence; each one is impossible before the one that immediately precedes it. The seven worlds follow a lineage of inheritance without which none of the worlds is possible. The molecular world must have atomic elements present by which to build the complex molecules of atoms into compounds and solutions, creating all the minerals necessary to serve as the flesh and substance of the planets. The first super-massive stars had no planets because they had inadequate molecular substances to make planets. Only the second and later generation stars had material to create planets. As the elemental world corresponded to the Age of the Stars, so does the molecular world correspond to the Age of the Planets, and both are ongoing to this day. And the Age of the Planets is precedent to the Age of Life.

The Fifth World is the Cellular World. As atoms are mandatory for the making of molcules, so too are molecules mandatory for the forming of single-cell Life forms, Microbial Life. And planets are mandatory for that microbial life to develop and evolve. In atmospheres and pools of liquid toxic to most organic life forms, the precursors to organic life first formed from the combination of complex molecules (proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates). Microbial life flourished on the Earth for over a billion years before more advanced multi-celled, organic life emerged, and it still flourishes today in the viruses and bacteria that aid and endanger organic life forms. Single-cell life forms still out-number multi-cell life forms on and inside the planet. These beings exist in their own world of activity with little or no awareness of the organic world that has arisen from them.

The Sixth World is the Organic World. This is the world of plants and animals, the world we often speak of as “the natural world” or the world of nature, at once separating it from our own world of human society and commerce while ignoring the five worlds under it by which it is sustained. This delusional worldview by which we live our lies is the reason we live apart from nature and apart from the universe. We are animals, omnivores who feed ourselves on the flesh of other animals and plants. Life feeds upon life, not upon candy and chips, not upon Big Macs and Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell Burritos. Human life feeds upon delusion, and we are what we eat. But in truth, we are animals, and like all plants and animals, we are Earth born to life, we are flesh of Her flesh and blood of Her blood, and when we die, our bodies will decay, our cells will desecrate into the molecules and elements that made them, and we will wash away into the Earth from which we came and which we have always been. As animals we were born to life, and as animals we will leave it.

The Seventh World is the Sentient World. This is the world of intelligent plants and animals, organic beings whose system are sophisticated enough to support some manner of self-aware intelligence, including some manner of brain or other organic system serving as a central processing system of the bodies functions. There is no fine line between intelligent creatures and unintelligent creatures; there is no line at all. There is rather a diversified gradient of intelligence, from the collective intelligence of carpenter ants and mitochondria to the social intelligence of dolphins and whales, to the technological intelligence of humans. Humans consider themselves the only genius on planet Earth, but their only genius seems to be destruction and murder; their hubris is unmatched by any other species, but their intelligence is otherwise second to many. Our engineering intelligence is quite remarkable, but our ethical intelligence is seriously afflicted. We are capable of change, but the Earth can only endure our failures for so long, as we shall soon learn.

These are the seven worlds in the order of their appearance in the universe; all seven worlds continue their activities in the universe today, in fact all seven worlds are quite active within every human body. Science has shown this to us in no uncertain terms, but we must never underestimate the power of human denial of common facts. How many who read this will dismiss it as nonsense? How many who read this will misunderstand it or fail to consider its fullest repercussions? How many who read this will consider it, ponder its various consequences, fully grok its message? My job is only to share the vision of the Essynian Mysteries.

So ends Part Four, a discussion of the outer world. In Part Five, we will discuss the inner world of the conscious mind and our spirits in closer detail. Perhaps we will examine cognition, volition, memory, imagination, emotion, desire, or intuition; perhaps we will consider ideas as objects of the mind, perhaps we will follow the path by which potentials of the spirit are brought about as manifest realities of the mind and then the world. We shall see.

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