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Stone Magic: Bloodstone

By Katrina Rasbold

Christian legend says that bloodstone (heliotrope) got its name because it formed as the blood of Christ dripped onto the green earth during the crucifixion. There is, however, documented use of bloodstone for magical purposes going back over seven thousand years to 5000 BC.


Bloodstone is a type of jasper (also called “blood jasper”), dark green in color with red oxide spots throughout it. It connects to the root and heart chakras and is helpful in healing from traumatic relationships. It helps to balance mental energy and remove blockages.

It promotes healthy flow of energy, as well as blood flow, so it promotes quality circulation, but it does so through a normalizing process. This means that it is equally effective at stopping hemorrhages.

This attribute, as well as the protective qualities of the stone, started the tradition of warriors/soldiers carrying bloodstone with them into battle.

polished bloodstone

Carrying bloodstone removes obstacles of all kinds, including fear and indecision.  Another way the removal of obstacles creates positive change is by opening the person’s spirit to receive wealth, coupled with the green of the stone lending money drawing qualities.

Bloodstone is known for encouraging justice and victory in court.

Using bloodstone in spellwork, especially stone grids, amplifies and optimizes the energy output of other stones around it.

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