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Stone Power: Opals

By Katrina Rasbold

Opal is a popular semi-precious stone and fire opals are especially known for their magical strength.  A legend says that after emerging victorious from war, the god Zeus wept tears which turned to beautiful opals when they hit the ground.

Hydrophane opal

Opals come in a multitude of colors and are of the most beautiful of the semi-precious stones. Of all the stone we cover, they likely have the highest number of legends circulating about them.

Opals are often associated with curses, a whisper campaign encouraged by the De Beer mining family who were concerned that the beautiful stone would threaten the sales of diamonds they mined. Even now, wearing an Opal is considered to be bad luck if you were not born in October, in which case it is your birthstone and you are allowed.

Queen Victoria favored opals had incorporate them into her jewelry. The late Queen Elizabeth II also had a collection of rare opal jewels.

Another superstition is that opals (and turquoise) should never be purchased for oneself and should only be given as a gift.

If a bride has an opal engagement ring, she will quickly become a widow.

Interestingly, it is only white opals that carry the bad luck curse. Black opals are thought to be extremely luck.

A legend says that an opal will become paler in the presence of poison and will lose their shine completely if the owner dies.

Magically speaking, a fiery opal has a multitude of colors within it, meaning a person could program it for nearly any magical intention.

Opals are said to enhance psychic powers and are good for glamoury work to enhance your beauty.

Rumor has it that opals prefer not to mix with other jewelry and should have their own container for storage.

Polished opal

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