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Herbalism For Your Day: Witch Hazel

By Katrina Rasbold

Those of us who are of a particular age remember using witch hazel as a facial astringent back in “the day.” I am sure few of us realized the intense magical influence we were dabbing all over our pretty faces. Intention is everything, but the inherent powers of this plant shine through on their own. I’m sure our parents were pleased with the results it gave to us. (wink)

witch hazel

Witch hazel is often confused with the tree called “hazel,” but is actually a deciduous shrub that can grown to over fifteen feet tall. Witch hazel is Hamamelidaceae while the tree producing hazel nuts is of the birch family and is called Betulaceae.

Witch hazel produces beautiful yellow flowers in early autumn and is used magically to restrict movement. We use it in binding spells or in spell work to inhibit situations that seem like they are moving too quickly. It can delay evictions, for instance, and although it does not halt them entirely, it can give the person a bit of breathing room by stretching out the final day a bit.

Specifically the bark and twigs of this shrub  are used for protection from evil influences of all sorts. The leaves help to diminish passion and lust and can mend a broken heart or “uncross” a heart damaged by romantic or familial trauma by halting or binding the trauma.

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