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Stone Magic: Azurite

By Katrina Rasbold

When stones are blue, they are marvelously blue such as lapis lazuli, peacock, sodalite, and celestite. Azurite lives up to its name with deep and beautiful blue facets.

Raw azurite

It relates to copper in that it is found in the upper oxidized portions of copper deposits. It partners in growth with malachite, which causes can cause green intrusions. Colors can range from variegated blu and green to a blue so deep that it looks black.

Both ancient Romans and Egyptians used azurite for intense insight and visionary powers.

You can use azurite to clear your thoughts, balancing racing or intrusive thoughts, and to reduce personal stress and anxiety.

Azurite increases psychic powers, and is a powerful healer, especially for throat and mouth issues. Along these lines, it also promotes good communication, truthfulness, and good self-expression.

Azurite loves to be touched and makes a great worry stone when polished.

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