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Meneology, Part 5 (Final Part)

by Brahn the Blessed

Part Five. I see Life as episodic and worthy of capitalization. Life. I believe, you see, in the spiritual basis of all existence. We come into this world as spiritual beings with boundless potentials, for good or ill, for greatness or hubris or slothful waste, for lives of misery and struggle or lives of opportunity and ease, more often a blend of the two. Our potentials for achievement of wonderful things are abundant, but our world makes us before we are able to make our world. So it is that many of us must begin our adult lives discarding the misconceptions placed on us by our elder generations, ridding ourselves of the person we were expected to be by our parents and rediscovering the person inside us that nature imbued us with the potentials to become. We are guided by nature through an unending series of challenges and opportunities to awaken to the I-inside us, to come to know ourselves and fulfill our deepest potentials.

These potentials, like the number continuum, extend as far into the negative as they extend into the positive, and if we allow our world to make us without seeking to find our highest potentials, we may be set on a negative course from which we never rebound. The menes can help us understand the ups and downs of Life, and moreover can aid us in understanding our circumstances and the choices we should make to improve them rather than being anchored or submerged by them.

Those of us who never discover our true selves will quietly become the good obedient children and adults that our parents and elders groom us to be, or the treacherous subhumans that their cruelties make us into. The world indeed has too many such people who have been honed into perfect reflections of the world from which they’ve arisen, people who failed to ever recover their freeborn spiritual potentials or discover the path to their highest destiny, living instead a fated path among fated companions bound no less by wealth than by poverty, no less by success than by failure, but bound nonetheless to menial and aimless lives of failed challenges, missed opportunities, and lost dreams. But the spirit within us shouts from the heart that we are born into our worlds to leave them better than we have found them. Follow your heart, it whispers, and you will find your way, your path, your destiny.

The menes can see the world as it is and give you measure of the moment. But how to read them, how to know their messages (?). You’ve taken the first step by learning the message of each mene as it relates to other menes, learning the spirit within each mene as taught by the Essynian Mysteries. You know the four most powerful menes, the divine menes, the six world menes, the dominant menes and the subdominant menes. But thus far the meaning of the menes are abstract and remote; you need something more relevant and informative from them if they are to be of value to you in guiding you through Life.

In numerology, the numbers are often used to interpret dates as in 11/27/1905 = 1+1+2+7+1+9+0+5 = 26 & 2+6 = [8], or used by some to interpret words and names by the methods of Gematria, attaching numerical value to letters of one alphabet or another (Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English, etc). In the Essynian Meneology, the menes are generated by special dice rolls—either two dice rolled once or one die rolled twice for each mene—in a manner similar to drawing Tarot Cards or casting the I Ching straws or coins. The Table below is used to determine the Mene.

Menic Dice have symbols instead of numbers, but regular six-sided dice can be used just as well where the special dice are not available. The Trine (Triplicity) Die replaces 2 & 5 with a red sun symbol on a white background; 3 & 4 are replaced with a white moon symbol on a black background; and 1 & 6 are replaced with a black star symbol on a red background. The Elemental Die replaces 1 & 6 with a green symbol of earth on a white background; replaces 3 & 4 with a white water symbol on a purple background; and replaces 2 & 5 with an orange symbol of fire on a black background.

[Nonz/0] is Spirit, the root of all Being and Source of all Potentiality, the One Without Other

♦ Character – a fixer for every broke, a problem solver, perceptive, calm.
♦ Appearance – consumed by self-certainty, he dances proudly in celebration of himself.
♦ People – an elderly, retired person who listens quietly, intently.
♦ Interaction – something is purchased as a gift for a friend.
♦ Relationship – you are madly in love, and wonder if proposing would only ruin it.
♦ Challenge – a day when all the little things go wrong.
♦ Opportunity – a day filled with small opportunities that build upon each other.
♦ Choosing your Path – a stranger asks for help; what have you to give?

[Ohn/1] is the Conscious Mind, the Inner Being, the Vortex between Experience and Action

♦ Character – a reflective and deep thinker, very deliberate, slow to action.
♦ Appearance – a weariness in the eyes, somewhat unkempt, lost in their thoughts.
♦ People – a person of high intelligence, absent either athletic prowess or social graces.
♦ Interaction – someone has given you something they were given.
♦ Relationship – your dog/etc is your best friend because you will not let anyone else close.
♦ Challenge – transportation will challenge you today; or enjoy a walk.
♦ Opportunity – go somewhere old to meet someone new.
♦ Choosing your Path – choose the easy path for needed rest; the harder path for needed

[Dwa/2] is the Experience of the Body and the Material Plane, Sensory Perception

♦ Character – an adventurer who loves to travel and do new things; very sensual.
♦ Appearance – very attractive (or unattractive), but an intellectual genius (or moron).
♦ People – a person of great physical and sensual beauty and attraction.
♦ Interaction – you play a game (athletic, table, or computer) with your close friend.
♦ Relationship – your lover is beginning to wear on you with their demands and expectations.
♦ Challenge – you have muscle issues today.
♦ Opportunity – put some money on the line and it will pay off today, but which line?
♦ Choosing your Path – sometimes love is assumed; sometimes love needs expression.

[Deré/3] is the Cosmic Phenomenon of Experience as the In-flowing Function of Consciousness

♦ Character – somewhat the hedonist, somewhat the sage, wise from abundant experience.
♦ Appearance – One who is younger than they look or feel, sculpted by a hard life.
♦ People – an Ebony person (African, Caribbean, Melonesian) wears a pendant.
♦ Interaction – you’ve heard a friend lie about another friend.
♦ Relationship – your parents condemn the path you have chosen to follow.
♦ Challenge – young ones will challenge your patience today; practice calm understanding.
♦ Opportunity – you must go somewhere new to enjoy the company of someone old.
♦ Choosing your Path – serve yourself and reap the win; serve others and take the loss.

[Kras/4] is the Experience of the Inner Being and the Astral Plane, Awareness of Mental Activity

♦ Character – very self-conscious, introspective, prone to secrecy, very literate.
♦ Appearance – an introvert, an empath, a solitary person, perhaps a dreamer.
♦ People – a Crimson person (Amerindian, Mesoamerican, Arab, Hindi, possibly Latino).
♦ Interaction – a friend & lover has become distant, perhaps they’ve even broken up with you.
♦ Relationship – you feel as if one or more friends are acting ‘behind your back’ secretly.
♦ Challenge – put in the extra work on a project; then apologize for being late.
♦ Opportunity – giving more of yourself will be rewarded.
♦ Choosing your Path – Its a day for making difficult choices, a choose wisely day.

[Vin/5] is Physical Action, Behaviour & Motion, the Manifestation of Choice as Action

♦ Character – type-A personality, very active, athletic (?), a doer, an achiever, ambitious.
♦ Appearance – an athletic build, powerful and sturdy; enjoys working with their hands.
♦ People – a Golden person (Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian).
♦ Interaction – you must tell someone how you feel and you fear the outcome.
♦ Relationship – two devoted lovers have accumulated too many secrets from each other.
♦ Challenge – exercise to loosen the muscles and ease the ache.
♦ Opportunity – physical activity brings interesting results.
♦ Choosing your Path – make a right when the time is right.

[Zyne/6] is the Cosmic Phenomenon of Action as the Out-flowing Function of Consciousness

♦ Character – a person dedicated to their career or vocation or perhaps to a vision or dream.
♦ Appearance – an athletic and fit appearance, OR a very active person, always doing.
♦ People – a Tan person (European, Russ, Gaelic, Saxon, Scandinavian).
♦ Interaction – You’ve witnessed someone cheating and you haven’t confronted them.
♦ Relationship – their is enmity between you and your parent of the same sex, a common woe.
♦ Challenge – surrender is not an option; you must confront this issue now, win or lose.
♦ Opportunity – be a friend to a friend in need and they’ll become a friend indeed.
♦ Choosing your Path – wealth or wisdom is the choice you will make today.

[Seph/7] is Mental Action that Manifests the Potential of Spirit as Vision, Deliberation, and Choice

♦ Character – a scholar, scientist or engineer; a teacher perhaps; creative artist or philosopher.
♦ Appearance – a gifted young person who is treated as a troubled young person.
♦ People – a person of mixed racial heritage, apparent or subtle.
♦ Interaction – you’re strongly attracted to the wife/husband of a close friend.
♦ Relationship – You must act to heal a broken relation to a family member, parent or sibling.
♦ Challenge – today requires that you believe in your dream, not only permits but requires it.
♦ Opportunity – follow your bliss today, don’t let this door of opportunity close on inaction.
♦ Choosing your Path – act upon a notion; be impulsive, go for it.

[Agré/8] is the Energy-Body as the physical Embodiment of the Conscious Mind, the Outer Being

♦ Character – a physician, nurse or surgeon, perhaps a vet or EMT, a masseuse or sculptor.
♦ Appearance – You suffer from your appearance, either too beautiful or too ugly.
♦ People – a young person stolen from their home and transported beyond hope of return.
♦ Interaction – You have been abusive to someone and you are making excuses why it is okay.
♦ Relationship – There is enmity between you and a dear friend; you must open the dialogue.
♦ Challenge – push yourself and your tired old body for just a little more effort.
♦ Opportunity – go out tonight with someone to whom you want to be closer.
♦ Choosing your Path – this is not the day to be bashful, self-deprecating, or self-defeating.

[Numa/9] is Consciousness as the Source of All Action and Experience, Maker of the Two Worlds

♦ Character – an empath or psychic; a visual artist; someone who has had a mystic experience.
♦ Appearance – a child at play in a sandbox has made a castle, and a dragon to eat it.
♦ People – someone who is just old enough to fear the horrors of on-coming age.
♦ Interaction – You are self-certain of your actions, for fear of admitting your fallibility.
♦ Relationship – Someone will ask your forgiveness soon; rise above your pain and hurt.
♦ Challenge – be aware today of all that’s going on around you; ignore nothing, be attentive.
♦ Opportunity – some little thing affords you very big opportunity if you act on it.
♦ Choosing your Path – deliberate action is needed to move forward; act intentionally.

Now we must begin our discussion of Second-Level Menes (or two-digit menes or double menes, if you will); there are one hundred of them, from 00 – 99. In temporal matters, these menes represent a transition from one circumstance to another over time. In relational matters, they represent the relation between two people. In matters of travel, they represent a point of demarcation and a destination. In any case, the menes represent a change or exchange of some kind between two positions or conditions, be they people, places, events, or things. Second-level menes are more complex than simply twice that of first-level menes. There are two menes, yes, then there is the sum of the two menes, the difference or transition between them, the product of the two menes, and the complement of the second-level mene.

As an example, examine the second-level mene, 84, whose values are [Eight/8] & [Four/4], the Summary value is [Three/3], 8+4=12 & 1+2=[3]. The Transitional value is [Five/5], 8+[5]=4(13); also the number 84 is found in the product sequence for [5] which is The Product of 8 * 4 = 32 & 3+2 = [Five/5]. And lastly, the Complement of 84 is 99 – 84 = [15].

The Summary is derived by adding the two numerals together until only one numeral remains. Here are the summaries of four second-level menes. 86 = 8+6 = 14 = 1+4 = [Five/5]. 53 = 5+3 = [Eight/8]. 98 = 9+8 = 17 = 1+7 = [Eight/8]. And 38 = 3+8 = 11 = 1+1 = [Two/2]. The summary encapsulates the contribution of both numerals to the relationship or event, speaking of their resonant efficacy. Two may act together and achieve joint success or enhanced results; two may act in conflict to achieve joint failure or diminished results.

The Transitional is derived by subtracting the first (left) numeral from the second (right) numeral; it is the amount that must be added to the first numeral to get the second numeral. It is also the product sequence in which you will find the second-level mene. Here are four transitionals of second-level menes. 13 = 3-1 = [Two/2]/sequence is ( 81 = 1-8 = -7 = [Two/2]/sequence is ( 74 = 4-7 = -3 = [Six/6]/sequence is (6.3.9…, 5.2.8…, and 7.4.1…). And 53 = 3-5 = -2 = [Seven/7]/sequence is ( Remembering that Nine/9 and Zero/0 are interchangeable, all 100 second-level menes may be found in one or another of the product sequences. The transitional mene expresses the nature of the relation, interaction, or exchange. Three is experiential and internal, six is dynamic and active. The 1.4.7 lunar trine are associated with mental activity, volition & emotion, and imagination & intuition. The 2.5.8 solar trine are associated with health & energy, motion & behaviour, and physical sensations. Nine is a spiritual experience or event, etc, having a deep effect on the person or presenting a deep conflict or dilemma.

The Product is simply the product of the two numerals; multiply one by the other. Thus, 17 & 71 both have the same product (Seven/7), 26 & 62 both have the same product (Three/3), and 54 & 45 both have the same product (Two/2). The product then is objective and not relative to either perspective; it applies to both and to neither. Therefore, 92 and 29 have the same product (18=9), and 37 and 73 have the same product (21=3). There are interesting similarities; here are the products & powers of the numbers, sequences formed by continued multiplication by the number.

(One / Ohn / 1)
1*1=1*1=1… (111…) thru 9*1=9… (1999…). Multiplying any number by one yields the same number again and again. This is why One represents continuity and constancy.

(Two / Dwa / 2)
1*2=2*2=4*2=8*2=7*2=5*2=1 (1248751). The powers of two are opposite the powers of five. These two sequences define the World Numbers. One & Eight are the dominant menes of their trines. Two and Four are the sum of their dominants plus Three, the hydronic subdominant menes; Seven and Five are the sum of their dominants plus Six, the pyrronic subdominant menes. This makes the sequence 12(3)4.87(6)5.1

(Three / Deré / 3)
1*3=3*3=9*3=9… (13999…) / 2*3=6*3=9*3=9… (26999…) / 3*3=9*3=9… (3999…)
4*3=3*3=9*3=9… (43999…) / 5*3=6*3=9*3=9… (56999…) / 6*3=9*3=9… (6999…)
7*3=3*3=9*3=9… (73999…) / 8*3=6*3=9*3=9… (86999…) / 9*3=9*3=9… (999…). Three raises each trine through its source to the All. (Compare to the constancy of One.) 147→3. 258→6. and 369→9.

(Four / Kras / 4)
1*4=4*4=7*4=1… (1471). / 2*4=8*4=5*4=2… (2852). Multiplies world numbers within their trine. The Four order (147 & 285) is duplicated in the Two order (124875), while the Seven order (174 & 258) is duplicated in the Five order (157842).
3*4=3*4=3… (333…). 6*4=6*4=6… (666…). 9*4=9*4=9… (999…). Divine numbers stay the same.

(Five / Vin / 5)
1*5=5*5=7*5=8*5=4*5=2*5=1 (1578421). The powers of five are opposite the powers of two… the same sequence in the opposite order. Two and Five include all the World Numbers, whereas Four and Seven work within the Trines.

(Six / Zyne / 6)
1*6=6*6=9*6=9… (16999…) / 2*6=3*6=9*6=9… (23999…) / 3*6=9*6=9… (3999…)
4*6=6*6=9*6=9… (46999…) / 5*6=3*6=9*6=9… (53999…) / 6*6=9*6=9… (6999…)
7*6=6*6=9*6=9… (76999…) / 8*6=3*6=9*6=9… (83999…) / 9*6=9*6=9… (999…). Six raises each trine through its opposing source to the All. (Compare to Eight.) 147→6. 258→3. and 369→9.

(Seven / Seph / 7)
1*7=7*7=4*7=1… (1741). / 2*7=5*7=8*7=2… (2582). Multiplies world numbers within their trine. 3*7=3*7=3… (333…). 6*7=6*7=6… (666…). 9*7=9*7=9… (999…). Divine numbers stay the same.

(Eight / Agré / 8)
1*8=8*8=1… (181)… / 2*8=7*8=2… (272)… / 3*8=6*8=3… (363)… / 4*8=5*8=4… (454)
8*8=1*8=8… (818)… / 7*8=2*8=7… (727)… / 6*8=3*8=6… (636)… / 5*8=4*8=5… (545). Multiplying any number by eight invariably yields that numbers complement.

(Nine / Numa / 9)
1*9=9*9=9… (1999…) thru 8*9=9*9=9… (8999…) and 9*9=9*9=9… (999…). Nine is the All; it immediately raises any number to the All.

(Zero / Nonz / 0)
1*0=0 thru 9*0=0. Zero is the only number that can raise even Nine, raising the All to the One Without Other (Unum Sine Altera).

The Complement of the second-level mene is another second-level mene that is easily derived by subtracting the mene from 99. Thus the complement of 51 is 48, the complement of 96 is 03, the complement of 28 is 71, and the complement of 14 is 85. The complement of any number or mene is everything that the number/mene is not. You and not-you completely identify you. Me and not-me completely identifies me. We cannot ‘grok’ anything until we entirely understand both, what it is and what it is not.

One important category of reading is the Character Reading, whose primary dichotomy is between the Inner Self and the Outer Self, how the person views themselves in their world as opposed to how others see them in their worlds. EARTH is how respondents see themselves. FIRE is how others see the respondents, judging by their behaviours. AIR is how respondents see their world and themselves within that world. WATER is how others view their worlds and the respondents places in their worlds. Each element gets one second-level mene, as illustrated in the image at the right. No such layout is necessary of course. For effect however, two decks of cards can be commissioned for the menes with the aces as ones and the tens as zeros; diamonds for Earth, spades for Fire, clubs for Air, and hearts for Water.

I see my inner self as (Numaderé/93).  Numa/9 says that I see myself as an empath or psychic; a visual artist; someone who has had a mystic experience. And Deré/3 says that my inner self is somewhat the hedonist, somewhat the sage, wise from an abundance of experience.  These are quoted from the ‘Character’ readings of those numbers.

Others see me as (Dwadohn/21).  Dwa/2 says that others see me as very attractive (or unattractive), but an intellectual genius (or moron).  And Ohn/1 says that they note a weariness in my eyes, that I am somewhat unkempt and lost in my thoughts.  These regard my Appearance to others.

I see myself in my world as (Zynaseph/67).   Zyne/6 says that I think of myself as a person dedicated to my vision or dream.  And Seph/7 says that I am actually a scientist or engineer (twice wrong), or perhaps a teacher; a creative artist or philosopher.  Again from ‘Character’.

Others see me in their worlds as (Dwavin/25).  Dwa/2 says that others see me as very attractive (or unattractive), but an intellectual genius (or moron).  And Vin/5 says they see me as having an athletic build, powerful and sturdy; and that I enjoy working with my hands.  Vin/5 is off badly, quite obviously.  Dwa/2 is best left with dual messages lest I be forced into honest self-evaluation.

Both Numa and Deré are accurate of my self-image; they both get an A or a B+. I expect that I am quite unattractive, a fat old man with leopard skin, little hair, and very few teeth. While I view myself as intelligent, I cannot say that others do not see me as a moron; let’s leave that one hanging on the line. So Dwa gets a C or C+. Ohn is another one that’s spot on, I think, and I’ll give it an A. Zyne is another spot-on call; I am very dedicated to my vision. Give it an A+. Seph is mostly wrong about scientist and engineer, and only a little right about a teacher, more of a philosopher; I give it no better than a C. Dwa gets the same grade both times. Vin gets an F; the only work I enjoy with my hands is typing and writing. I might afford it a D- on those grounds alone

Now, your job as a reader would be to pick out the high grades and ignore the low ones, and somehow to read my aura and body language well enough to give the image of me a proper slant. Good readers, no matter their divinatory tools, have a knack for that. I’m not a reader, although I do have a bit of a gift for reading character from photos and personal interaction. Maybe. A reader must trust themselves and test themselves; forthrightness is important, but you must not deceive people, intentionally or otherwise. Know your skills before you practice them publicly.

This is the end of my teaching of Meneology. As a study of numbers, it is fascinating and dead-on truth. Learn from it. Its visionary message is very consistent with the teachings of the Essynian Mysteries, but if you don’t know the mysteries, that will be of little use to you. Hereafter, this blog column will be occupied by either a survey of the Essynian Runic Script with emphasis on the phonetic language and rune interpretation [OR] an essay on the Tesserine Calendar System and attendant rituals for daily, monthly, and annual practice. Thank you for following this discourse on Meneology, and I hope it is useful to you!

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