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Herbalism For Your Day: Job’s Tears

By Katrina Rasbold

Like kava kava, Job’s tears are a foreign plant to everyone who does not live in Asia, which is where the plant almost exclusively grows. As mentioned in the article on kava kava, we always achieve a higher energy impact on our shellwork when we use herbs and stones native to our geographical area.

Job’s tears (plant)

That is not to say you will see no impact; only that it is dramatically minimized if the plant is not naturally occurring in your environment.

Job’s tears gets its name from the man called Job mentioned in the Bible. This is a story about a man who never loses his faith in God despite enduring unthinkable challenges. He is then rewarded by God for his faith, so the seeds from this plant, which look like small, ragged pearls, are said to have the power to deliver relief from crisis.

As such, it is a favorite of gamblers and people who feel as though they are in a cycle of misfortune.

Stringing the tears into a necklace fortifies the throat chakra and can ease mouth and throat pain when worn, so it is good for sore throats and tooth pain.

Job’s tears (seeds)

Known as a granter of wishes, tradition says that if you hold a seed in your hand for each wish you have, focus on your goals, then throw the seeds over your shoulder into moving water, your wishes will come true.

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