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Stone Magic: Petrified Wood

By Katrina Rasbold

Fossils (such as ammonites) and petrified wood share a similar energy in that they are a part of the past preserved into stone. Petrified wood was actually once wood and forms when the woody stems of plants become buried in wet sediments saturated with dissolved minerals. The lack of oxygen slows decay of the wood, allowing minerals to replace cell walls and to fill void spaces in the wood.

petrified wood

This process happens over thousands of years of freezing, thawing, and drying. The striations of petrified wood shows rings that indicate some pieces are from trees over a million years old.

Petrified wood enhances endurance, having survived for so long in such a beautiful form. It relates strongly to earth, so it’s great for grounding excess or toxic energy.

Because it literally comes from a tree that turned to stone, petrified wood is great for strength and longevity.

Due to its incredible age, petrified wood is great for work on past lives since it existed when those past lives took place.

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