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Stone Magic: Alexandrite

By Katrina Rasbold

Alexandrite is a beautiful stone that can be a pricey due to all the factors that influence the cost of stones: quality, color, size, scarcity, etc. I could mention “TikTok” in that price gounging factor list, but instead, I will just press on with the powerful attributes of this powerhouse rock. Alexandrite is semi-tranparent and the colors tend to change depending on the angle or type of light one views it in, but it generally ranges from green to blue to a sort of mauve color. Its beauty and hardness makes it a favorite of jewelers, so often it is easier to find alexandrite jewelry than to find alexandrite itself.

This stone is named for the Russian Czar Alexander II for the lofty reason that it was discovered on his birthday. It is a synthetic stone and is one of the few manmade stones that can pass for a “real,” nature-created stone. It has the same light refracting qualities as most of the precious jewels.

Alexandrite encourages playfulness, happiness, good fortune, success, and success. It is sometimes used in love spells to bring the rarest, “one-of-a-kind” love to its wearer. It is a purifying stone and is thought to detoxify any negative influence that comes in contact with it and is especially good at uncrossing the heart.

When viewed in daylight, alexandrite quickly shifts colors and this fast adaptation gives it powers of a quick turnaround in ill fortune or circumstances.

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