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Stone Magic: Obsidian

By Katrina Rasbold

Where I live in California, Obsidian is extremely common and is a staple in the stone arsenal of serious magical workers. It is brittle due to its volcanic origins and as a glass, can easily cut you if you are not careful with it. This and its dark color give it profound protection powers. It may appear as gray, black, or brown banded with white. Snowflake obsidian gets its name for the white intrusions in the black surface. The sharp edges of obsidian, as well as its brittleness, makes it a common choice for spearheads and arrowheads.

One type of obsidian called “Apache Tears” is so named because it is said that when an Apache warrior died, “the earth wept.” Apache Tears are sometimes used in rites of passage ceremonies to convey the death of one aspect of life and the birth of a new one.

Rainbow obsidian is black but refracts light in a stunning fashion:

Rainbow obsidian

Obsidian bonds quickly with its owner, so it should not be transferred to another person without first cleansing it by burying it for a moon cycle or rinsing it in moving water. I have also found that placing obsidian on selenite purifies and removes any energy not inherent to the stone. I have selenite altars throughout my house to purify any stones or working tools.

Because it is formed under volcanic pressure, obsidian gives the owner/wearer fortitude and stamina, allowing them to withstand heavy pressure in difficult situations.

Polished obsidian slabs make wonderful scrying mirrors. Boulders of obsidian sit in front of homes to act as aggressive protection.

Obsidian and tourmaline are the two most protective stones I know of and keeping a chunk of obsidian in your stone bag or in your car provides a strong grid of protection against negative external energies.

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