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Herbalism For Your Day: Ginger Root

By Katrina Rasbold

Most of you are likely familiar with this weeks herb: ginger. Cooks commonly use ginger to add its unique flavor to sauces and baked desserts. If you have tasted it, you know it heats up the flavor palette of any dish and that is exactly how it works from a magical perspective.

ginger root

In kitchen witchery, one of the qualifying questions we ask when choosing foods for magical influence is, “Do we want to wake up the situation or calm it down?” Stimulation or sedation tells us which components to use and the elemental associations likely to produce the effect we want. Ginger is fire and so it is a strong stimulent.

Eating a food with heavy ginger added before performing spellwork raises the energy you can send to the ritual or spell. It prompts forward movement, motivation, and success, whether it is for money drawing, career advancement, or love/lust. Add ground ginger or tiny bits of ginger root to love and passion mojo bags. Ginger powder is a great inclusion when making loose incenses for love and passion.

If you want to motivate someone to get moving (as in “off my couch and get a job”), feed them foods containing ginger and slip an envelop of powdered ginger under the mattress where they sleep.

Ginger stimulates slow blood flow and increases energy when worn in an amulet or added to a tonic.

Be sure and carefully research the appropriate uses and dosages when taking any herb internally.

Katrina Rasbold is a professional Witch, published author, priestess, and editor of Green Egg Magazine. She and her husband, Eric, are the creators of the CUSP spiritual path and owners of Crossroads Occult. She and Dahlia Rose host the popular livestreamed video broadcast “Crossroads of Cognizance” most Thursday afternoons. You can reach her through

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