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Secrets of the Essynian Tradition: Meneology 4

by Brahn the Blessed

Part Four.  You will recall, I hope, our discussion of the trines in Part Two.  There are three of them,  the Lunar Trine is 1-4-7, the Solar Trine is 2-5-8, and the Stellar Trine is 3-6-9.  The stellar trine is comprised of the divine menes [3], [6], and [9], whose properties are clearly different from, if not ‘greater’ than, the other menes.  Each trine has one dominant mene whose properties define the trine most emphatically, for the Lunar Trine it’s one/1 which defines the element of continuity in the trine, for the Solar Trine it’s eight/8 which defines the element of change and contrast, complemence and duality in the trine, and for the Stellar Trine it’s nine/9 which defines the element of completion and wholeness in the trine.  You may recall how each dominant mene was further indicated by the product of the trine members:

1 * 4 * 7 = 28 = 10 = [1]                2 * 5 * 8 = 80 = [8]          3 * 6 * 9 = 162 = [9]

It can be shown that every trinary member is the sum of the trinary dominant mene and each of the three divine menes, as follows.

Chthonic menes are the dominant menes of their trine; their powers are hidden and arcane, hence chthonic.  Hydronic menes are subdominant menes that convey the laws of water and the Moon; they are associated with the Mind and mental activities, especially those that arise from and manifest the hidden potentials of the spirit, they are the menes of experience/Yin.  Pyrronic menes are subdominant menes that convey the laws of fire and the Sun; they are associated with the Body and its various sensors and motor nerves, especially those that convert mental ideas and motivations into concrete behaviours and actions, they are the menes of actions/Yang.

The Solar Trine.  In the outer world of the body, the Brain (eight/8) is the body’s CPU.  It takes in experiential data from the senses and Sensory Perceptors (two/2) and responds with nerves and Muscles (five/5) that allow it to act and behave and perform tasks.

The Stellar Trine.  At the cosmic level, Consciousness/Maya (nine/9) manifests the potentiality of Existence/Spirit (zero/0) through the dual functions of Experience/Yin (three/3) and Action/Yang (six/6).

The Lunar Trine.  In the inner world of the Mind, the Conscious Mind (one/1) converts the potentiality of Character (four/4) into the reality of Behaviour, Action and Change (seven/7).

These three trines are presented as they interact in the tableau of the Geshemsarat.  The three primary areas of the Geshemsarat are the Core, comprised of the three central parallelograms, one above center, one to lower left, and one to lower right.  The Stellar Trines always occupies the Core, with Nine/9 in the one above center, Three/3 in the one to lower left, and six/6 in the one to lower right.  These menes never change their positions in the Geshemsarat.

The next primarey areas of the Geshemsarat are the two equilateral triangles, one shown here in green pointing to the right called the Dextral Triangle, and the other shown here in yellow pointing to the left called the Sinistral Triangle.  Each triangle has one of its three points associated with each of the core sections.  These core values (divine menes) are said to rule the two points adjacent to them and the menes in those points.  The sum of the core mene and the yellow mene is shown in the light purple triangle while the sum of the core mene and the green mene is shown in the dark purple triangle.  Finally, the sum of the green and yellow triangle points ruled by each core mene will be shown in the isoceles triangle on the rim of the Geshemsarat between the two points.

The six alternating green and yellow triangle points will always contain the same six menes, either the sequence for the powers of two… (…) or the sequence for the powers of five… (…) which is the same six menes in the opposite direction.  In contrast to the ‘divine menes’ in the core, these six menes are called the ‘world menes’.  You will note that the world menes are an interlaced pattern of the solar and lunar trines.  One or the other of these trines will always occupy either the dextral or the sinistral triangle, and the opposite points of the ‘star’ will always contain complementary mene pairs.

There are twelve possible Geshemsaratha.  In six of them, one of the world menes ( is exalted by its alignment with the other menes, and in another six of them, each of the same menes are diminished by their alignments with other menes.  In one Geshemsarat, for example, 1 & 2 are aligned with nine, 4 & 8 are aligned with six, and 7 & 5 are aligned with three.  In this alignment, One is exalted.  In a similar Geshemsarat, 5 & 1 are aligned with nine, 2 & 4 are aligned with six, and 8 & 7 are aligned with three.  Although One is elevated in this alignment, it is diminished because the sums of 5+1, 2+4, and 8+7 are all six.  The sums of 1+2, 4+8, and 7+5, to the contrary, had all been three.  Three supports the lunar trine of one-four-seven, while six supports the solar trine of two-five-eight and zero/nine supports the stellar trine of three-six-nine.  Thus One/1 is exalted by three/3 and diminished by six/6.  There is one Geshemsarat in which each world number is exalted and another in which it is diminished—a total of twelve Geshemsaratha.  (Geshemsarat is Essynian sacred language meaning the path or way |Geh| by which the spirit |Shemu| is literally submerged, drowned |Saraté|, meaning metaphorically “the way by which spirit is incarnated, embodied or made manifest.”)

The Twelve Geshemsaratha are associated with the twelve elemental energies of creation (of universal birth) in the following order.

Mud – Earth becoming Water, NNW Four/4 Diminished Krasetu Imagination
Stone – Pure elemental Earth, due N One/1 Exalted Ohnete             Cognizance
Magma – Earth becoming Fire, NNE Seven/7 Exalted Sephete            Volition/Choice
Ashes – Fire becoming Earth, ENE Two/2 Diminished Dwavetu            Motivation
Flame – Pure elemental Fire, due E Eight/8 Diminished Agrevetu Action/Behaviour
Smoke – Fire becoming Air, ESE Five/5 Exalted Vinete              Change/Consequence
Lightning – Air becoming Fire, SSE Five/5 Diminished Vinetu Evolution/Creation
Wind – Pure elemental Air, due S Eight/8 Exalted Agrevete Transition/Passing
Rain – Air becoming Water, SSW Two/2 Exalted Dwavete Experience
Mist – Water becoming Air, WSW Seven/7 Diminished Sephetu Understanding
River – Pure elemental Water, due W One/1 Diminished Ohnetu Memory/Learning
Ice – Water becoming Earth, WNW Four/4 Exalted Krasete Knowledge

These are the common names of the twelve elemental energies.  Stone is associated with Solids and the force of Gravity, Flame is associated with Plasma and the Strong Nuclear Interaction, Wind is associated with Gases and the Electro-Magnetic Force, and River is associated with Liquids and the Weak Nuclear Interaction.  In the Essynian Tradition, Stone is the element of Erdda Earthmother, Flame is the element of Shavahs, Lord of Light (the Sun), Wind is the element of Zyrh Skyfather, and Water is the element of Essynia, Queen of Tides (the Moon), these the four Elder Spirits of our Pantheon.

Enough for this part of the discussion of menes.  In Part Five, we will begin an exploration of divination by menes, of the one hundred second-level menes and their component features.  We will discuss the distinction between spatial relations and temporal process.  Until then…

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