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Stone Magic: Moonstone

By Katrina Rasbold

Is there anything more witchy than a moonstone? Its ethereal, mysterious presentation aptly represents the watery, lunar energy it radiates.

Raw moonstone

Moonstone is a blue, pink, or white feldspar and since ancient times, has been associated with moon magic of all kinds and is said to be most powerful during the full moon.

Legends says that moonstone promotes love and harmony in relationships, especially for those who are apart from one another and wish to reunite.

The lunar affiliation gives this stone energies of flexibility, adaptability, and the successful navigating of cycles.

Using the Full Moon and New Moon influences, the moonstone is excellent for revealing what should be seen with the Full Moon and concealing what you want to hide with the New Moon.

Since the stone is associated with moon goddess such as Diana, the goddess blessings of love, wealth, victory, and wisdom flow through it to the wearer.

Moonstone is a nurturing influence and encourages loving parental relationships.

Moonstone ring

Successful gardening is another blessing conveyed by this stone and planting one in each of the four corners of your garden plot encourages healthy and abundant growth.

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