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Practical Magic With Saoirse: Making Yourself At Home

By Lady Saoirse

Bright Blessings,

I don’t know about you, but I have moved around a lot. I do mean a lot. It seems like every year, Mom had us somewhere new and some years, she had us live more than one place. People ask, “Were you a military brat?” I tell them, ‘No, Mama had the wanderlust.” So is it any wonder why I always heard people’s stories about their love for their hometowns and I wished for what they had? At almost age 50, I am still wishing for that. I could lament my fate, but I’d rather explain how you can feel at home when no PLACE is really home. Because if you practice magic, it can be done.

I know this because I have done it all my life.

Recently I realized that. We moved to a new suburb of the greater Columbus, Ohio area and this is a move we planned for months. We did it to get out of the city because crime here is at the worst it has ever been. We don’t have hardly any crime where we are now. We successfully met our goal. Now, I feel out of sorts. I have never lived here before and I am far away from the places I am used to. I miss our neighbors, some of whom I made friends with, and this has triggered my anxiety. I have had nearly no time to crochet and that has really made me feel off. We have been out exploring the area and finding some things we can enjoy but it just does not feel like home.

Then, magic happened. My Coven came over, and we cast our first Circle here. I baked my first cake here, made my first batch of fried chicken, and made my first roast chicken dinner here soon after. I got some patio plants. I am getting to know some neighbors here and my dog has made lots of dog friends already. I feel a little bit better. We have bene here for less than one month, so it’s not like I have had time to settle in and get used to it here.

What happened is LIFE.

My life.

When you are someplace new, or in a new job or attending a new school, making new friends, or doing anything that is different than what you usually do and you are feeling out of sorts, out of your comfort level, and you want that feeling to go away, just do your thing, then give it time. It is important to surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Eat the food you love, pursue your hobbies, and do as much as you can to keep up the normal routines you have. Even if you have moved far away, started a new job at a new shift time, and had to leave behind many of your belongings, take your coffee break every day and read your books to unwind just like you always have.

Home isn’t always a place. Sometimes, it is within you. I have carried my home on my back pretty much my whole life. Once I have been allowed to live someplace for more than a few years, but that’s it. It’s not always easy to live this way, but for some people, it is the norm. Sometimes, doing your things in your own way is not enough to make you feel at home and a little spellwork can help things. Here are a few workings to do.

Give Gifts to the Land

The spirits of the place where you are and the land itself can welcome you but sometimes, you have to ask them to. For house spirits, burn a stick of incense or give them some crystals and ask them to welcome you to this new place. Maybe you will be lucky and they will do more than just accept you, but they will befriend you and communicate with you. The land spirits can be given things that nurture the planet and her creatures. Planting things and taking care of the existing plants is one way to ask the land spirits to welcome you but you can leave birdseed, fruits, and water for the animals as well. They like that.

Sacrifice Something

Give up something and ask a god or goddess to help you feel more at home where you are. Forego eating out, even just once, and donate the money it would have cost to a charitable organization in your new place or volunteer time to a local cause. You will be appreciated and welcomed more than you realize.

Write a Contract

If you feel like you want to leave and return to where you were before, give yourself a set time to get used to things before you leave. Sit down and write yourself a contract that you will stay where you are for a certain amount of time and if you still want to go back after that period of time, you can. Just give it a chance before you leave.

Home is not always a place. Sometimes, it is wherever you happen to be. You can make yourself at home by living your life your way, and doing a little magic. If it doesn’t work out, this place is temporary, and soon, home will find you.

Blessed Be.

Lady Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life but started walking her own magical path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she is a High Priestess for The Temple of the Goddess, she is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor, she is a member of the spiritual family at the Magical Druid in Ohio, and she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Spiritual Blossom and Mysticsense and she writes for PaganPages.Org emag.


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