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Amazing Grace

By Katrina Rasbold

When I saw this internet meme, I literally laughed out loud with this wonderful, surprised, soul-smiling bark of a laugh. Let me tell you, I give amazing grace. I can grace like a pro in non-denominational, Christian, Heathen… I just read the room and flood that table with grace. I am grace fluent to the extreme. I will also finish before your food gets cold. It’s an art. 😉

Saying grace or as we called it when I was growing up in Kentucky “Returning the thanks” or “Saying the blessing,” is one of the traditions that sadly falls away for most people who leave the Christian Church. Personally, I am a fan of blessing the food that we eat regardless of whatever religious subscription dominates our spritual mailbox.

How do you bless the food you take into your body? How do you honor the people throughout the supply chain who helped get the food to you? How do you pay tribute to the plant or animal (or scientist) that sacrificed so you could eat?

Grace is energy and when we infuse the food that nourishes our bodies with abundant blessings and gratitude, we feed our spirits as well. Taking time to express gratitude for the food we have – whether it is abundant or meager – balances the energy exchange for the work that went into planting, growing, harvesting, gathering, cooking and serving that meal.

With any luck, next week we will have loved ones around us, birth family or chosen family, and will share a meal together that in its current pasturized and colonized iteration, is about gratitude.

From a Pagan perspective, the Harvest time has ended and we are transitioning into the dark of the year. Laying out an abundant table of food now shows faith that we have enough to successfully feed ourselves and our village through the winter and that our Harvest was rich enough to celebrate with those we love.

I and the Green Egg Magazine staff wish each one of you a joyful, abundant holiday and a safe, warm, and healing winter.

Associate Editor, Green Egg Magazine

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