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Secrets of the Essynian Traditions: Meneology Part Two

by Brahn the Blessed

Part Two

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By this time, you have either done the first exercise or not.  If you haven’t, I will not be bothered with you.  If you want to learn you must study.  I have little enough time left in this life to concern myself with anyone who is absent curiosity.  If you did the exercise from Part One, you discovered that  there is an amazing hidden symmetry underlying the number system, a symmetry that permeates the numbers to infinity.

Now of course, it requires not only that you have done the exercise but that you also understand what it revealed to you.  You should have discovered that (1) the basic numbers from zero to nine, when their products are reduced to single-digit menes using the methods you were shown, present continuously replicating sequences that continue to infinity; (2) there are only ten such sequences in all of the infinite number continuum, because (3) all numbers reduce down to one or another of these ten single-digit menes; (4) these ten menes are related in an amazing symmetry of which you probably have not heretofore guessed; (5) the sequences of the ten menes are mirror images of one another, having a relation called complemence in which each is the antithetical completion of the other; (6) not only do the complementary menes add to nine, but their entire  infinitely replicating sequences add to nine; (7) the five complementary pairs of menes are 0 & 9, 1 & 8, 2 & 7, 3 & 6, and 4 & 5.

You can discover all this wondrous hidden symmetry from the simple exercise I asked you to perform.  And all this is only the beginning.  You may have heard of Tesla’s study of numbers.  Tesla’s mistake was to only see numbers as odd and even.  The second hidden symmetry of the number system, after complemence, is trinity; trinity is the underlying divinity of the menes, which Tesla did not hardly grasp.  Perhaps, he underestimated zero.  Zero and nine are by far the most powerful of menes; they are complementary in a manner unlike any other menes.  I call them hyper-equivalent.  Do you remember our trick of nines & naughts?  Nines and naughts are not merely complementary; they are identical.  And yet, zero/naught is the absence of all existence while nine is the presence of all existence.  This is the great mystery staring directly into your soul, expressed in this hidden realm of menes.

The three trinities of the menes are the Lunar Trine, 1-4-7, the Solar Trine, 2-5-8, and the Stellar Trine, 3-6-9, also called the divine trine.  Where is Zero?  I have already explained that nine and zero are hyper-equivalent.  Zero is the Nine that separates the domain of positive numbers from the domain of negative numbers.  It is the Nine that resides at the dawn of creation.  Zero is the Unborn Source of all Being.  Nine is immanent in Zero as an intrinsic potentiality which cannot be denied.  Three derives from Nine as the square root of the Number, and Six derives as the complement of Three.  What are these powers.  Zero/0 is Existence, the Unborn, who is called Spirit.  Nine/9 is Consciousness, the Awakened, who is called Maya, the Mother of Time.  Three/3 is Mind, the Firstborn Dreamer, who is called Erdda Earthmother, the Primal Ground.  Six/6 is Body, The Manifest One, who is called Zyrh Skyfather, the All-Knowing.  Zero/0 is the source of the Stellar Trine 3-6-9, Three/3 is the source of the Lunar Trine 1-4-7, and Six/6 is the source of the Solar Trine 2-5-8.  How is it so?

1 + 4 + 7 = 12 = 3
2 + 5 + 8 = 15 = 6
3 + 6 + 9 = 18 = 9/0

Which is the dominant mene of each trine?

1 * 4 * 7 = 28 = 10  = 1
2 * 5 * 8 = 80 = 8
3 * 6 * 9 = 162 = 9

What’s a dominant mene?  It’s the mene that most purely characterizes the trine.  Here are some evidences for the trinities as they are.  Reduce the square of every number  from zero to as high as you need go to understand to its menic root.  Here is what you will see?

The Lunar Trine and Nine. and back again, with a nine separator.  Heres another game with numbers called Powers of Two / Powers of Five.  Starting with One multiply each number by two, and then each number by five, until the sequence begins to replicate.……

Note that these two sequences are mirror images.  Why?  There is a resonance between these numbers, and somewhat less between four and seven.

I will leave you with an exercise to complete before the next part.  Look up the Fibonacci Series, a series that begins 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, …  Reduce the numbers of the series to their menic roots to see if they begin to replicate.  Next time, I’ll show how the Geshemsaratha fit in to meneological practice, all twelve of them.

The writer was born with moonlight in his heart and is dedicated to her service. He is a pantheistic neoPagan mystic, the coordinator of Crows Nest, the Global CAW Cybernest, and an editor of Green Egg Magazine–by which magazine he was first introduced into the neoPagan community in 1972. He is also an Elder of the Essynian Witchcraft Tradition that he founded in 2021, and he is also the Most High Swami-Pajami at the Nashville Temple of Eris Discordiana & Towing Service…If You Need a Tow, Come Rain or Come Snow, We’re on the Go, And We Won’t be Slow!

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