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Secrets of the Essynian Traditions: Prayer Seven

By Brahn th’ Blessed


“The Song of Sun and Moon”

Embraced in union with the Sun,
Thy face is hidden in his light.
For now, Thy circle-dance is done,
And Thou betrothed to be his bride.
Thy fading flesh his flames shall feed;
For only thus thine age is shorn.
Then shall Thy Maiden form be freed
And Thou again reborn.

And when the Sun beholds Thee, Thy youth and joyful mirth,
He’ll hold his light from shining upon the darkening earth,
And drown himself in passion and sacrificial zeal
As deep within your darkness as ever flame may steal.
And you, O Moon, by yielding, so freely giving sway,
Sit now alone upon his throne to rule both Night and Day,
A queen of sovereign majesty!  Such glory to behold!
Thy face as black as midnight, with a crown of gleaming gold!
 The Sun shall bow before Thee, and kiss Thy silken glove:
“Better I Thy servant be, than ever lose Thy Love.”

—It is only envy of such Love
That leads all men to lust.

Ave’ Luna!
– 09 March 2001

The writer was born with moonlight in his heart and is dedicated to her service. He is a pantheistic neoPagan mystic, the coordinator of Crows Nest, the Global CAW Cybernest, and an editor of Green Egg Magazine–by which magazine he was first introduced into the neoPagan community in 1972. He is also an Elder of the Essynian Witchcraft Tradition that he founded in 2021, and he is also the Most High Swami-Pajami at the Nashville Temple of Eris Discordiana & Towing Service…If You Need a Tow, Come Rain or Come Snow, We’re on the Go, And We Won’t be Slow!

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